Digital transformation with Westernacher.
SAP S/4HANA is the basis for the digital transformation of your company. SAP’s Business Suite provides so many improvements that have the potential to fundamentally transform your business and prepare it for the future. These include a real-time in-memory database for all data and the ability to analyze it in real time. Through 25 years of guiding our customers in their SAP implementations, we have gained the experience and expertise to make your move to SAP S/4HANA a success.
Which implementation approach is best suited to your company? A greenfield or hybrid approach (combination of brownfield and greenfield) allows you to realize the full potential. Focus on your core processes that differentiate you from the competition and build on them. A brownfield, i.e., technical changeover, is only the strategically correct solution in a few cases.

Our SAP S/4HANA Assessment Starter Packages are designed to help you develop the right strategy for your transition in the shortest possible time. In just 2-4 weeks, our team of experts will work with you to uncover the best approach for your business. Based on a combination of consulting and tools of SAP Signavio and SNP, we’ll show you how to optimize your processes, identify outdated in-house developments, and streamline your projects – all while keeping your business running smoothly. Choose from our range of packages, tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, including a special version for RISE with SAP customers. Start your SAP S/4HANA journey today with our Time-to-Value Solution!

SAP S/4HANA Assessment Starter Packages.

SAP S/4HANA can impact all critical business functions, from finance and supply chain to customer service and marketing. With SAP S/4HANA, companies are able to analyze data in real time and respond directly.
Supply Chain
Sales & Service

The most important questions about getting started with SAP S/4HANA.

The Why, What and How to ensure the best possible approach.

The strategic imperative.

  • Why digital transformation not a choice but a necessity.
  • How disruption comes from different directions and how it affects the way we do business.
  • How to take full advantage of modern technology, which is a key to future success in any industry.
  • How this offers new business models and tremendous opportunities.

Overview of SAP answers.

  • SAP’s application strategy and ERP of tomorrow.
  • How SAP S/4HANA’s next-gen capabilities give you the “unfair advantage”.
  • The importance of the cloud and the right deployment option.
  • How the new architecture will change the way we work forever.

Digitization is not an on/off switch. The right approach determines success.

  • The best practices of the best-in-class SAP S/4HANA beginners.
  • The right approach to SAP S/4HANA.
  • How the transition option (Greenfield, Brownfield, Selective) determines your success.
  • How to get both efficiency and effectiveness out of your processes.


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SAP S/4HANA: You'll get there with us.

Customer references

SAP S/4HANA Highlights.

Implementing full scale SAP S/4HANA at ITW.

VW joint venture ICS drives fast value with SAP S/4HANA.

Smart retail solution for new gen beauty giant Harmay.

Showcasing a smooth migration to S/4HANA at Windmöller & Hölscher.

White paper

Innovation meets inspiration.

Simplification and differentiation with SAP S/4HANA in 3 steps.

The value of migrating to SAP S/4HANA.

SAP S/4HANA in mechanical and plant engineering.

Your path to SAP S/4HANA.

We see switching to SAP’s new Business Suite SAP S/4HANA not as an option but as a necessity. It’s not a question of “if” but of “when” and “how” to carry out the migration. Ideally plan as soon as possible for 2027 and the end of SAP ECC 6. The appropriate implementation strategy is crucial for a successful migration. Should it be a local implementation with a modified infrastructure to handle exponential growth and still enable fast innovation cycles? Or a proven and flexible private or public cloud solution with two innovation cycles per year? Perhaps you are planning to deploy an on-premises version at a hyperscaler instead of on your self-managed infrastructure? We are here for you as the right partner.
Conversion of your SAP system (Brownfield)
Complete conversion of an existing SAP Business suite system to SAP S/4HANA. If your current SAP landscape is only modified to a limited extent and your core processes have been optimally structured in the SAP system, you can convert to SAP S/4HANA in just a few steps. It is worth taking a look at the as-is state of your system and your other projects with one of our SAP S/4HANA assessments.
Simplification as the basis for fast added value (Hybrid)
Ideal for large enterprises with SAP and non-SAP ERP systems. Consolidation into a global SAP S/4HANA system or selective data migration. Quickly achieve enterprise-level value, such as a soft close at any time, budget simulations, and inventory forecasting. For this we cooperate closely with our partner SNP and use the SNP Crystal Bridge. In our Assessment Packages L and the version for RISE with SAP, an optimal start into planning is possible here.
New entry into the SAP world (Greenfield)
Is the design of your current SAP landscape still from the 1990s? Then it’s probably time to take a big step into the future with a fresh start or a fundamental overhaul. Use a central digital core, without modifications or workarounds from the past.

Instant Innovation Tools.

SAP solutions such as S/4HANA, TM, or EWM offer extensive functionality for a wide range of business processes, but if you have a specific requirement that’s not covered, our Instant Innovation Tools are the perfect solution. With our Instant Innovation Tools, you can customize SAP to meet your unique needs and drive your business forward.

One of our SAP S/4HANA Tools. We sync/GS1.

The tool Westernacher We sync | GS1 offers master data management for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. It features automatic importation of GS1 data and maintenance of master data in the usual SAP environment enabling you to work faster and safer. Westernacher We sync | GS1 offers the fastest and most convenient way to integrate GS1 into your SAP system.