RISE with SAP.

A holistic business transformation is about changing the whole culture and mindset of an enterprise. It’s about redesigning your business processes, and it’s about adopting new technologies – to unlock new ways of running your business and stay ahead of your competitors. RISE with SAP is a packaged offering that contains a comprehensive, on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise.

The Why, What and How to ensure the best possible approach.

RISE with SAP – boost digital transformation.

Of course, there’s no singular path forward, while still every business is moving forward. And every SAP customer is at a different point. That’s why SAP has launched its holistic offering as a Business Transformation-as-a Service that is executed in close cooperation with its partners like Westernacher Consulting.

Intelligent Business. One step ahead.

For us as a customer-value driven implementation partner, one game changer that stands out and that is often overlooked in the official communications is the possibility to migrate into the cloud (Private Edition). Before, an ERP cloud project always had to be a greenfield project. Now the migration tools are ready and available that you can select a brownfield or favorable a selective transition approach in which you choose what you take with you and which innovations you want to leverage already at the moment of the GoLive.

Westernacher Consulting is happy to help you with the proven Best-Practice methods to choose the right approach for your individual situation.

Benefit from RISE with SAP.

Lower TCO

Up to a 20% reduction in TCO over five years for SAP S/4HANA, private cloud edition as compared to a traditional ERP deployment.

Faster deployment

A more than two-month potential acceleration in deployment speed as operational lead times fall.

Reduced in-house costs

87% reduction in sticky costs due to more flexible operational environment.

Inside RISE with SAP.

RISE with SAP includes components that are necessary for the ideal course of the transformation process. Each of these components is the basis for the transformation into an intelligent enterprise:

It starts with SAP S/4HANA Cloud – bringing agility and responsiveness to the core of your business and your business processes.


You choose your infrastructure – you can work with four different hyperscalers (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud), SAP data centers, or – for regulated industries – your dedicated data centers. So you get the flexibility to choose the infrastructure that fits for you without getting locked into one infrastructure-as-a-service provider to manage your data and systems.

SAP Business Technology Platform

It’s all on a single platform featuring the SAP Business Technology Platform– for you to complement, extend, and integrate with SAP, partner, or third-party solutions using the same data model, single source of truth and business services.

Business process intelligence

Business process intelligence, SAP’s new intelligent application that pinpoints the best place to start by analyzing how your processes perform and benchmarking them against industry standards to get tailored recommendations of where to focus first and implementing those processes on demand.

SAP Business Network Starter Pack

A SAP Business Network Starter Pack that extends transformation beyond your four walls – creating dynamic, digital connections with trading partners to help you move business forward faster than before.

Tools and services

The tools and services to support your whole journey – from SAPs readiness check and custom code analysis to the SAP learning Hub.

The transformation can be carried out according to the greenfield approach, in which existing systems and processes will be removed, but there is also the option of brownfield migration to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, in which existing processes will continue to run smoothly in the cloud.

Your first step to benefit from RISE with SAP.

Talk with us at Westernacher Consulting. As SAP Gold Partner and thought leaders in the digitalization area we will listen to your plans, challenges and strategy and build together with you an individual roadmap.

The elements of RISE with SAP together with Westernacher Consulting's know-how and experience will fully leverage the benefits of an enterprise digitalization.


Take advantage of a product-centric offering that helps to get a great starter-bundle for digital transformation.

Use top-notch solutions to move into the cloud and to digitalize the enterprise.

Westernacher Consulting advises you on how to use the application with all its technological benefits and how to unleash all its trapped value.

Let's work together.


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