Choose from our Time-to-Value Solutions.

Do you feel the need for a clearly defined scope and budget for your upcoming project? A need for maximal value that can be achieved in a limited time frame? You may spend time on aspects of a solution that have become common practice in the meantime. Or you can implement common practice in a standardized way and concentrate on what is specific to your business and innovative.

This is what our Time-to-Value Solutions are about. Each one of them comes with a clearly defined value proposition that gives you the opportunity to realize quick wins. Each one is a fast track to innovation. All are categorized according to their time frame, from fast to extensive. Explore and find the one that suits you best.
Westernacher Time-to-Value Solutions

Time-to-Value Solutions.

2-4 months
5-6 months
7-8 months
9-10 months
>10 months

Establish quick wins with Westernacher.

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Accelerate your SAP S/4HANA conversion.

Speed up your SAP S/4HANA conversion project and safeguard your operations with a straightforward approach. Our Time-to-Value Solutions offer two conversion options depending on scope of services: A fast sandbox conversion done in 90 days and a conversion of a productive system landscape done in 180 days.

Obtain the maximal value that can be achieved in a limited timeframe for your major planning processes. In a defined scope and budget, Westernacher offers three Time-to-Value Solutions for business planning. Choose between Demand Planning Fast, which can be implemented in 9 weeks and Sales & Operations Planning which comes in two solution variants: Fast can be implemented in 16 weeks and Basic with an augmented scope in 24 weeks. Your needs and requirements are always taken into consideration.

Pick your desired supply chain planning process.

Accelerated solutions for your warehouse operations.

Up your game with two Fast Solutions we offer for your distribution center and your manufacturing warehouse. Each solution’s full implementation, from project kick-off to go-live and hypercare, is completed under 12 weeks. Turn your warehouse operations up a notch with enhanced functionalities your warehouse needs.

Benefit from two Fast Solutions for your yard. Implemented in 10 weeks or 16 weeks depending on the scope. Our Time-to-Value Solutions offer different degrees of process and system automation to fit different market needs and help customers digitalize and become paperless. Turn your yard into a fully automated hub, offering the visibility and connectivity companies need nowadays.

Turn your yard into an automated hub.

Your financial planning in the SAC.

Take your financial planning to the next level with our four fixed-price Time-to-Value Solutions for a modern and user-friendly planning application. Benefit from our Fast Sales Forecasting and Revenue Planning Solution – or from our Fast Headcount & Personnel Cost Planning Solution – in just 60 days. Obtain comprehensive planning in just 90 days with our Fast Cost Center Planning Solution – including Headcount & Personnel Cost Planning. Our Fast package for financial planning goes one step further, with the addition of a Sales Planning tool plus Cash Flow and P&L Target Planning in just 180 days.

Perform maintenance execution work safely, productively, and independently. SAP Asset Manager Time-To-Value Solution offers implementation of a standard SAP mobility solution which manages core maintenance execution work, process tracking, reporting, analytics and on-the-spot asset insights – in only 12 weeks.

Boost your asset maintenance and slash downtime.

Make the most of your resources.

Achieve comprehensive short-term planning and scheduling for operations, labor and tools in five weeks. With Resource Orchestration in Digital Manufacturing Cloud Time-to-Value Solution you are able to dispatch your shop-floor assets effectively and efficiently with an intuitive, easy-to-use application.

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