High-gear solutions for automotive.

Not long ago, the automotive industry seemed mostly mechanical. It was all about powerful engines, horsepower and the exterior design of vehicles. Well, not anymore. Changing customer demands have prompted the digitalization of technology to transform the industry, which creates never-seen-before challenges and opportunities. In addition to the usual trends such as global expansions and mergers and acquisitions, introducing cleaner energy-driven vehicles, meeting sustainability objectives, and operating in a connected world are more in demand than ever.
Now, new innovative processes to satisfy customer demands are core to the industry. We offer solutions for this continuously evolving industry. The following features that were once viewed as a competitive advantage will become imperative:
automated warehouses
Supply chain
Forecasting and
integrated planning
Efficient logistics
execution processes

Driving change across continents.

Hasco Vision is a leading automotive lighting provider supplying some of the largest car manufacturers with over 500 product lines. To respond to tough competition in the market, Hasco Vision decided to significantly increase automation and cut costs in its main distribution facility and chose Westernacher as implementation partner. Westernacher integrated SAP EWM with an autonomous mobile robot solution – the world’s first solution of its kind.

Driving growth with planning.

Westernacher covers end-to-end business processes for automotive companies, ranging from the international auto giants to Chinese joint ventures.
Supply chain visibility, planning and optimization
Drive supply chain assessments, S&OP process designs and technology selection and implementation roadmaps.
Define network design, vendor selection and organizational design and change management strategies.
Drive demand planning and forecasting to improve accuracy, optimize production, raise resource and inventory utilization.
We can help you build the foundation with Integrated Business Planning.

Ensuring parts availability in the chain.

An efficient and reliable spare parts operation is the key determinant of success for your after-sales service business. In after-sales businesses, spare parts planning plays a significant role when it comes to:
  • Continuously achieving the required service levels
  • Managing the warehouse and logistics operations at as low cost as possible
  • Maximizing the efficiency factor of the processing
To be successful in the spare parts business, you will also have to overcome the following challenges:

Self-developed, individual tools for demand forecasts.

Planning that is not aligned with local subsidiaries.

Limited transparency across the entire supply chain.

Keeping service levels steady comes at a high cost.

Frequent overstocking with no automated inventory balancing.

No optimized and globally aligned warehouse strategy.

Returns are not accounted for in procurement planning.

Inefficient procurement management.

No continuous spare parts supersession chains.

High manual effort for master data maintenance.

In order to achieve the goals, best-in-class processes are required that are supported by suitable IT systems and process specialists. Westernacher supports companies in the spare parts logistics business with the creation of concepts and prototypes and with the implementation of SAP systems. In the spare parts planning sector, we primarily work with SAP Service Parts Planning (SPP) – from 2005.

Would you like to know more about the role of spare parts planning and how you can reduce inventory and logistics costs with it? Please fill out the form below to download your copy of the white paper.
Westernacher white paper - Spare Parts Planning: Centralized vs. Decentralized

Service parts planning on tap with SAP S/4HANA.

The service parts planning solution from SAP is also available on SAP S/4HANA. This is particularly suited to automotive companies that distribute large volumes of aftermarket service parts to numerous stocking locations. Switching to S/4HANA will further enhance the accuracy in demand forecast and efficiency in using your production capacity. SAP S/4HANA contributes to faster processes, real-time visibility, and greatly improves decision-making, as it enables users to plan, execute and generate reports and analytics based on up-to-the-minute data.

Connecting your transportation partners with eXpress.

Before sending packages from SAP EWM, SAP ERP or SAP TM, you first need an agreement with the respective CEP (courier, express and parcel) service provider. Each of these carriers will then have the data for the package, e.g. sender, recipient, size, weight, etc. to determine the label that should be applied.
Since interfaces to the carriers are not standardized, we need software that handles communication with the carriers and prints the labels. Additional services such as cancellation of parcels and Track & Trace to shipping should also be implemented.
In light of this, Westernacher has developed a solution called eXpress that makes the complete handling of shipping possible from within your SAP system. Seamlessly and smoothly because our solution is completely integrated in SAP.

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