Digital Manufacturing.

Within different industries, there are different ways in which production is carried out. Regardless, they all rely on digital technologies to support and execute manufacturing processes. The solution requirements are complex, involving the integration of machines on the shop floor, the execution of sophisticated analyses and the incorporation of advanced technologies.

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The Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud is a real-time data and analytics-based manufacturing execution system (MES) within the cloud. It extends the functionalities of a classic MES many times over, offering possibilities for integrating automation scenarios, implementing detailed planning scenarios, introducing a collaboration network and, finally, enabling the conduction of sophisticated analysis using the data coming from the execution end.

DMC combines the advantages of cloud computing with extensive possibilities for extension and customization through the provision of various interfaces to the shop floor and other business solutions. It is part of the SAP Industry 4.0 portfolio representing a comprehensive, continuously developing solution within the manufacturing environment. Extending the on-premise digital manufacturing solution portfolio, you can leverage from the following:

Introducing Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) with Westernacher Consulting and SAP.
Detailed execution of production processes.
Efficient key performance indicators (KPI’s) and analysis.
Visibility across all plants down to the production equipment.
Short-term planning of shop floor operations.
Extensive automation of production execution.
Fully configurable and highly customizable solution.

SAP DMC includes three main applications.

There are several functionalities combined within the DMC including automation and connectivity capabilities, production execution and analysis as well as performing resource orchestration and building up a network. These functionalities are split up on the three main parts of the DMC – the DMC for execution, DMC for insights and DMC for Resource Orchestration – which are all separately licensable and function as standalone solutions:

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
for Execution
With SAP Digital Manufacturing Execution (DME), companies can apply a cloud-based approach to shop floor control, production execution monitoring, resource and order management, and top-to-shop floor scenarios. It supports shop floor data collection and provides production workers and managers with an enhanced user experience through intuitive interfaces and dashboards.
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
for Insights
SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights (DMI) is a central, data-driven, cloud-based performance management solution for manufacturing. By capturing, delivering, and visualizing key performance indicators in real-time, the solution enables greater visibility into the manufacturing environment and supports tactical and strategic decision-making for improved manufacturing performance. Seamless integration into multiple systems and interfaces for data acquisition ensures that production data from different production and automation systems is harmonized. Problem analyses and the implementation of concrete measures can thus be accelerated.
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
for Resource Orchestration (REO)
SAP Resource Orchestration (REO) represents the link between long- and midterm planning of operations and being able to react to incidents on the shop-floor; adapting the planning accordingly. With this solution production supervisors are enabled to schedule operations, labor and tools to production equipment and work centers on a daily basis creating an environment for accurate short-term planning and dispatching. The tight integration to production applications allows to monitor the current production situation, tracking orders throughout their entire lifecycle.

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Resource Orchestration.

Build your own detailed planning and scheduling solution on top of your existing SAP ME system within 5 weeks. Optimize your operations, labor and production tools planning and ensure the optimal utilization of your shop-floor equipment. SAP REO is situated between the general planning of production and the actual execution and thus enables you to realize short-term planning horizons and to react quickly to production deviations.

Effective manual or automated dispatching and scheduling of your production operations and shop-floor assets.

Comprehensive coverage of information regarding the current production status and extensive monitoring functionalities.

Easy to use application through intuitive design and visual representation of operations, high priority orders, resources, notifications, …

Detailed coverage of labor scheduling functionalities to keep informed and adjust the status of your workforce.

Use IoT to realize use cases in the manufacturing environment. Discover our approach to improve worker safety, monitor positions and health with an integrated SAP IoT solution.

Connected Worker.

Digital Manufacturing Insights.

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