Optimize service parts inventory with SAP SPP & eSPP.

SAP Service Parts Planning (SPP) and extended Service Parts Planning (eSPP) are powerful tools that enable companies to manage complex supply chains for service parts and optimize inventory levels, ensuring parts are available when and where they are needed. With SAP SPP and eSPP, companies can efficiently plan and procure the essential parts and materials, leading to timely and reliable delivery to customers and enhanced customer satisfaction. Westernacher has extensive experience in SAP SPP and eSPP implementations, training as well as offering valuable add-ons such as Forecast Consumption and Maintenance Plan Integration (MPI).

What is SAP SPP & eSPP?

SAP Service Parts Planning (SAP SPP) is a network planning tool that was developed specifically for service parts planning, making it the first of its kind. It was co-innovated by SAP with Ford and Caterpillar in 2001. Initially, SAP SPP was only available to users of the Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) system. In 2005 it was introduced to all other customers with technical access to the APO box. Two years later, SAP SPP underwent an update with additional features and enhancements for different industries.
In 2018, the next generation of service parts planning, known as extended Service Parts Planning (eSPP), was launched. eSPP is based on the mature SAP SPP processes but is now technically integrated into the SAP S/4HANA system. A pilot release of eSPP was made available to the market in the next year. Since 2020, it has been part of every new SAP S/4HANA release, offering new features and functions like Multi-echelon inventory optimization, new forecast strategies or event handling.

What is Westernacher’s stake in SPP & eSPP?

Westernacher’s involvement with Ford began early on as a consulting company for the first version of SPP 5.0. We were also the first SPP 7.01 implementation partner at Ford and completed the first successful SPP implementation project in an industry other than automotive.
SAP recognizes Westernacher as a preferred implementation partner for both SPP and eSPP. We offer valuable add-ons,
such as Forecast Consumption and MPI.
Our Forecast Consumption add-on allows the system to react to an increasing difference between monthly forecast and incoming sales orders, based on the assumption that actual sales orders consume the forecasted quantities.
Maintenance Plan Integration (MPI)
The MPI add-on enables SAP Service Parts Planning (SPP/eSPP) to be the planning/procurement engine for materials that will be called in future generated work orders from maintenance plans before the requirement exists.
Furthermore, Westernacher is the only consulting company that offers SPP & eSPP training, as well as Application Management Services (AMS) for SAP SPP and eSPP.

eSPP in detail.

Part 1 of our eSPP video series with some general aspects about eSPP and forecasting in eSPP.

How does inventory optimization work in eSPP? Introduction to eSPPs single-echelon optimization.

How does DRP work in eSPP and how are the exact quantities and dates calculated that we need to order from the suppliers?

What needs to be set up in eSPP in order to enable multiple suppliers and how does it work?

How can we ensure that reliable information is sent to suppliers, even when demand changes occur? The answer is using Stability Rules in eSPP.

How can we use an alternative deployment mode to distribute incoming materials efficiently throughout the network without storing them in the warehouse, only to remove them a day later?

How can we avoid a bottleneck in the case of a shortage?

In case of an emergency, eSPP Deployment can automatically create express shipments, meaning a much faster transportation option.

How can we ensure that a horizontal stock transfer is proposed when it is beneficial for the company? It ensures that shortages can be solved in a very effective way.

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