Mastering transportation is facing unprecedented complexity. Regardless of whether you are a shipper in one of the various industries, a logistics service provider, or a carrier: the ever-increasing customer demands for efficiency require higher transportation accuracy, efficiency, speed, and flexibility than ever before.
Controlling your company’s logistics and containing your freight costs demands optimization of your transportation capabilities, including equipment, resource utilization, routing, and selection decisions for your partner network. Your business requires tools to manage transportation holistically and with prescriptive excellence.
This is where the combined experience of Westernacher Consulting and the comprehensive capabilities and extensibility of SAP TM come together to bring you the benefit of an integrated transportation solution with the required flexibility, ease of use within your logistics, and ability to stay ahead of the process constraints.

What is SAP TM?

As part of SAP’s seamlessly integrated Supply Chain Execution Platform (SCE), SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) efficiently manages the physical movement of cargo throughout the entire supply chain and provides end-to-end visibility from the customer order to the proof of delivery. SAP TM is a solution that improves the supply chain through reliable planning and control and enables efficient transportation management. With innovative SAP Transportation Management functions, freight costs are reduced, orders are entered, shipments are planned, costs are settled, and the goods receipt and issue processes are handled and managed. At Westernacher Consulting, we are the right partners in fitting SAP TM to solve your business challenges.
Get to the next level of automating your
transportation processes.

Automation of your transportation processes allows you to reach the next level of logistics in your business. When you need to look at upcoming challenges and define your ongoing and future moves based on the comprehensive information of the logistics environment, our Westernacher Consulting team can help you to react, before problems disturb your plans. Being not only reactive or predictive, but also prescriptive, allows you to handle problems with solutions and alternatives, and focus on and stick to your goal even if the plan is re-adjusted.

Fiori applications to boost
user experience.

Fiori is a new user experience based on web technology. It provides a well-arranged, modern and intuitive user interface to operate with your SAP systems.

The Fiori ecosystem is growing rapidly and SAP provides plenty of apps that are available and ready to use already. However, in case you need adjustments to meet the special requirements of your business our highly experienced consultants are ready to help or even create new apps tailored to your needs.

Your business lives from connection
to your network.

The world in which you are managing your transportation not only needs a flexible logistics solution, but also a suitable network connectivity into a variety of aspects of your ecosystem. This is where Westernacher Consulting shines through our rich knowledge, experience, and portfolio of our own assets and SAP-based connectivity tools. We work with S/4HANA based and enriched technology to connect your SAP TM logistics system with your worldwide network through our Westernacher Collaboration Platform, a comprehensive set of Internet-of-Things technologies and standard SAP offerings like Logistics Business Network, Global Track&Trace, or Event Management.

Your transportation business is part of
a bigger picture.

At Westernacher Consulting, we know transportation in depth. We are also experts in warehousing, ERP sales, procurement, logistics, and financial processes. In addition, we can fulfill your requirements in integrated planning, yard logistics, and other areas. Therefore, Westernacher Consulting is the right choice when it comes to SAP TM, SAP EWM, SAP ERP, and their integration. The supply chain is an important part of the business process and we know how it integrates and fits harmoniously into your full picture.

SAP TM includes these components and functions:

Forwarding order
Orders and offers are entered, processed and confirmed with the help of the forwarding order management. At the same time, the transportation route with corresponding costs is calculated, and the transportation duration and available capacity are displayed.
Freight order
Freight orders and bookings are processed in freight order management. They form the basis for transportation planning. Freight orders can be assigned directly to a carrier or created as a tender. Freight order management in SAP TM includes track and trace functions, freight documents, driver management and many more.
Freight forwarding
SAP TM enables billing and invoice verification, which takes place in the ERP system.
Maintain and manage master data of business partners, products as well as prices – all transportation management data needed in SAP TM for transport processing is maintained and updated with this SAP TM component.
Dangerous Goods
Environment, health & safety (EH&S) in SAP TM ensures and handles the safe and compliant transportation of dangerous goods.

Being first.

Every company has its own requirements, and SAP TM offers individual options for this. Which one is right for you depends on their individual challenges. Here is an overview:
Cloud Edition
SAP TM Cloud Edition is a cloud-based version of SAP Transportation Management (TM). Configuration and customizations are performed in the cloud, without local server infrastructure. The Cloud Edition offers many advantages, such as easy administration, lower costs and better scalability.
based on HANA
SAP Transport Management based on HANA is a version that runs on SAP’s HANA database platform. It is a fast, scalable and flexible database platform. Suitable for analyzing and processing large amounts of data in real time.
for e-commerce
The version of SAP TM specially developed for the e-commerce sector is suitable for managing and synchronizing online platforms. The exchange of all product information, prices, stock levels and shipping options between all online platforms ensures that customers always receive up-to-date information.
SAP S/4HANA migration
The migration of an existing SAP landscape to the SAP S/4HANA platform with SAP Transportation Management. SAP TM provides a function to monitor the transfer process. This helps to make the transition to the new platform safe and efficient.

What the customer says.

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Real sweet rewards for United Sugars.

Automation is the key focus for US giant United Sugars Corporation (USC). The lean transportation department, consis­ting of six people, moves a quarter of the sugar in the United States. This made it key that Wester­nacher im­ple­men­ted a seamless and reliable automated solution for truck and rail move­ments. USC also wanted to remove third-­party depen­dency for handling rail freight in­voicing and auto­mate its rail planning and execution functio­nality (…)

Our Instant Innovation Tools.

For us, innovation is more than the daily work – we deliver. Westernacher has an experienced team of solution architects and developers who know all the possibilities of the SAP TM component and turn them into innovative end-to-end solution to manage your transport needs and vision.
Based on our extensive experience in SAP TM, we have been able to develop a range of tools and complementary, innovative solutions that our customers now benefit from.

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