Transportation Management with SAP TM.

Mastering transportation is facing unprecedented complexity. Regardless of whether you are a shipper in one of the various industries, a logistics service provider, or a carrier: the ever-increasing customer demands for efficiency require higher transportation accuracy, efficiency, speed, and flexibility than ever before.

SAP TM – next generation transport management.

Controlling your company’s logistics and containing your freight costs demands optimization of your transportation capabilities, including equipment, resource utilization, routing, and selection decisions for your partner network. Your business requires tools to manage transportation holistically and with prescriptive excellence.

This is where the combined experience of Westernacher Consulting and the comprehensive capabilities and extensibility of SAP TM come together to bring you the benefit of an integrated transportation solution with the required flexibility, ease of use within your logistics, and ability to stay ahead of the process constraints.

SAP TM powered by SAP S/4HANA.

As part of SAP’s seamlessly integrated Supply Chain Execution Platform (SCE), SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) efficiently manages the physical movement of cargo throughout the entire supply chain and provides end-to-end visibility from the customer order to the proof of delivery. SAP S/4HANA TM is the transportation solution of SAP, integrated into all your business processes. It is connected and highly reactive to all relevant aspects of your end-to-end plans and operations. At Westernacher Consulting, we are the right partners in fitting SAP S/4HANA TM to solve your business challenges.
Get to the next level of automating your
transportation processes.

Automation of your transportation processes allows you to reach the next level of logistics in your business. When you need to look at upcoming challenges and define your ongoing and future moves based on the comprehensive information of the logistics environment, our Westernacher Consulting team can help you to react, before problems disturb your plans. Being not only reactive or predictive, but also prescriptive, allows you to handle problems with solutions and alternatives, and focus on and stick to your goal even if the plan is re-adjusted.

Fiori applications to boost
user experience.

Fiori is a new user experience based on web technology. It provides a well-arranged, modern and intuitive user interface to operate with your SAP systems.

The Fiori ecosystem is growing rapidly and SAP provides plenty of apps that are available and ready to use already. However, in case you need adjustments to meet the special requirements of your business our highly experienced consultants are ready to help or even create new apps tailored to your needs.

Your business lives from connection
to your network.
The world in which you are managing your transportation in not only needs a flexible logistics solution, but also a suitable network connectivity into a variety of aspects of your ecosystem. This is, where Westernacher Consulting shines through our rich knowledge, experience, and portfolio of our own assets and SAP-based connectivity tools. We work with S/4HANA based and enriched technology to connect your SAP TM logistics system with your worldwide network through our Westernacher Collaboration Platform, a comprehensive set of Internet-of-Things technologies and standard SAP offerings like Logistics Business Network, Global Track&Trace, or Event Management.
Your transportation business is part of
a bigger picture.
At Westernacher Consulting, we know transportation in depth. We are also experts in warehousing, ERP sales, procurement, logistics, and financial processes. In addition we can fulfill your requirements in integrated planning, yard logistics, and other areas. Therefore, Westernacher Consulting is the right choice when it comes to SAP TM, SAP EWM, SAP ERP, and their integration. The supply chain is an important part of the business process and we know how it integrates and fits harmoniously into your full picture.


successful customer engagements


solutions to boost your time to value

Westernacher Consulting – the transportation experts.

Westernacher is
an innovation-driven
  • We innovate based on ideas from all our people, projects, industry experience and customers.
  • We synergize through systematic research by a central team using cross-industry achievements to innovate processes.
  • We develop systematic ways to encourage and enable personal initiative taking.
  • We strive to be the first to implement promising new technology, either globally or in as many of our target markets as possible.
Westernacher is
working in a globally
integrated way:
  • A large global team of consultants continuously works together on state-of-the-art implementations and technologies.
  • Exchanging knowledge of multiple industries allows Westernacher to unfold synergies and opportunities in our customers’ businesses.
  • The group of highly qualified Westernacher SAP TM consultants is constantly growing and stands out through their deep and profound business process and IT know-how.
  • We integrate and innovate across business practices in transportation, warehousing, logistics order processes, and related financial and ERP processes.
  • We have offered consulting and logistics IT services successfully for more than 50 years.
is proud of its first
mover process:
  • We strive to be the first to implement promising new technology, either globally or in as many of our target markets as possible.
  • Our Westernacher name and brand are associated with innovation.
  • We were the first to implement SAP TM embedded in SAP S/4HANA.
  • Westernacher is engaged in distributing our experience. We are the first to have authors of the SAP-Press SAP TM publications on board.

Being first.

SAP TM cloud edition (STE*)
SAP TM for e-commerce
SAP TM-S/4HANA migration
*) single tenant edition

We guide you on your transportation journey.

SAP TM can be your first step into the SAP S/4HANA world.
Westernacher Consulting is the leading consulting company when it comes to transportation management and rich experience and dedicated expertise in implementing SAP software. We know both the requirements and implications of changing and optimizing business processes and the technology perspective. Whether you start from scratch with SAP TM, move from an existing SAP ERP landscape into the SAP S/4HANA world, or select a traditional SAP TM implementation, we provide our powerful, combined forces to guide you through all necessary steps. Our approach offers you a variety of options to step through your company roadmap.
Inspiration day
Our consulting services start supporting you long before initiating an IT implementation. Our inspiration day provides valuable insights into the latest and greatest of SAP Transportation Management and related solutions.
Process management
Need to improve your business processes, but unsure where to start? Are you debating what solution to implement? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount and the complexity of constantly emerging technologies? We gladly engage with you to analyze your business requirements as well as pain-points, advise on the strategic direction of your supply chain, justify an investment decision, look for optimization potential, and define a reasonable roadmap to improve your business.
Agile implementation
All implementations managed by Westernacher Consulting follow a value-based approach. We guide our customers to apply industry best practices as well as standard processes, maximizing the capabilities of the relevant SAP solutions. Due to our in-depth expertise across all SAP applications, we ensure a best-in-class end-to-end solution, even beyond SAP TM. We specifically address any customization and add-on needs to secure a clear cost/value ratio. Once your solution has been successfully implemented, we support you regarding continuous improvements and provide application maintenance services to enable a ‘zero disruption’ utilization of your solution.
Already running S/4 TM but not seeing the benefits? Significantly increase your Transportation Business Value with the Westernacher Continuous Improvements Service.
Our team of experts have put together a number of SAP S/4HANA packages to help you better understand what you can achieve.
Customer specific enhancements
Converting to S/4 TM offers multiple opportunities to propose a leaner implementation process with reduced scope, time, and cost. Work with our experts to help accelerate your SAP S/4HANA journey.

Adding value and bridging gaps.

Innovation is more than just work here at Westernacher – we deliver. Westernacher has a highly experienced team of solution architects and developers, who identify the opportunities of the SAP TM component and turn it into an innovative end-to-end solution to manage your transportation requirements and visions.
With our extensive experience of SAP TM, we have developed a number of assets and complementary, innovative solutions to benefit our customers.

Instant Innovation Tool

TINA – gain full control over your payments to your transportation partners.

Payments can be a real challenge due to the variety of fee identification, mismatching amounts, non-understandable identifications, and methods of invoice consolidation. Westernacher’s Transportation Invoicing Assistant helps you to solve this task with a high level of automation before you need to transfer your charges from SAP TM into your ERP system.

Our Westernacher Collaboration Platform offers a state-of-the-art user experience in connecting your SAP TM solution with your team and your partners to execute your transportation processes.

Instant Innovation Tool

Westernacher Collaboration Platform – WCP.

Westernacher Prescriptive Transportation – be ahead of the issue.

Westernacher Consulting is actively working on the next level of transportation planning – prescriptive transportation. It does not just give you a hint that something went wrong, leaving you with the riddle and burden of how to fix it, as operational or predictive processes do. With prescriptive transportation, we take a big step further by offering you a solution that gives you options to fix your transportation problems before they impede achievement of your business goals.

Instant Innovation Tool

Westernacher Driver Application – broad options for communication, guidance, and feedback.

Are your drivers an important factor in your logistics chain? Then the Westernacher Driver Application can fill a crucial gap. It can run on a variety of devices and guides drivers or subcontracted carriers through the individual transportation execution process based on data coming from your SAP TM system.

From micro-management to management by exception.

The Westernacher Control Tower is an SAP Fiori based tool to provide you with insight into a variety of meaningful analytical figures around your transportation processes. The different information levels of our control tower allow you to concentrate on the exceptions occurring in your logistics operations to minimize your effort in keeping your processes on track.

Instant Innovation Tool

Logistics network integration – the link to your global logistics network.

Westernacher Consulting has established connectivity to an integration with a vast network of partners in logistics. This experience ranges from visibility partners to clearing functionality, quoting, booking, agencies, and supply chain intelligence. In addition, we use the Westernacher Mediator as our own middleware platform to integrate a variety of electronic message providers and consumers.

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We don’t just stop with projects.

We see our customers as long-term partners. Once your S/4HANA TM system is up and running, our support team will takes over.​

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