Ensuring excellence with the power of Quality as a Service.

When it comes to project delivery, quality is key. At Westernacher, we not only strive to deliver projects that exceed expectations. With years of experience and proven expertise in SAP solutions, software development and project delivery, we offer our quality expertise as a service. Quality is what sets us apart. We are committed to delivering high-quality results, enabling you to obtain the same competitive advantage. Quality as a service ensures that your projects are completed to the highest standards possible.

Why quality matters for project success.

Quality is a crucial factor that can make or break the success of any project. When quality is prioritized, it can yield a range of benefits, including higher customer satisfaction and on-time, on-budget project delivery. On the contrary, poor quality can lead to costly rework, low customer satisfaction, and the loss of future contracts and customer loyalty.
Therefore, quality is not just important, it’s essential for project success. By working with a partner who implements quality measures into your project delivery process, businesses can create a strong foundation for long-term success and build trust with their customers.

What is Quality as a Service?

Westernacher’s Quality as a Service (QaaS) is a vital set of measures that ensures all work, products, activities, and processes meet predefined plans and standards. By providing independent quality assurance, QaaS helps to identify potential defects and issues early on, preventing costly errors and delays in project delivery. Through systematic planning, monitoring, and evaluation, our QaaS team helps you build a culture of continuous improvement, promoting efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.
  • Organization-wide standards
  • Project-specific procedures
  • Compliance with appropriate procedures
  • Make it fit for the purpose
  • Get it right from the start
  • Apply the four-eyes principle

How we revolutionize your quality standards.

To ensure high-quality project delivery, we focus on two critical elements:
Solution design
Solutions should be designed to be robust, bullet-proof, and fully aligned with stakeholders’ expectations and key performance indicators (KPIs).
Development quality
Development practices should adhere to the latest SAP standards to help you meet your quality requirements, ensuring that your solutions in place are always state-of-the-art.

Maintain top-notch solution design at all times.

To ensure that our customers achieve high-quality solution designs, we apply these measures:
Standardized templates are provided for all project-related documents to ensure consistency and quality.
Solution design documents are reviewed by a solution architect who is independent of the project team. The review takes place at the end of the design phase.
Documents from the project team have to be presented in a playback session before being signed off.
Functional specifications are to be reviewed prior to development.
Technical specifications are to be reviewed whenever applicable to ensure technical excellence.

Development with excellence in mind.

In pursuit of excellence in development, we adhere to the following measures:
Technical specifications are to be reviewed, where applicable, prior to development.
We provide Westernacher Development Guidelines. However, if you have your own preferred development guidelines, we align with them.
The mandatory automatic check of ABAP, CDS and UI5 JavaScript code is conducted weekly at the project level.
Manual code reviews take place before User Acceptance Testing (UAT) at a playback session.
Elevate delivery quality with additional measures.
Conduct customer satisfaction meetings and receive direct feedback from customers.
Identify areas where customers may have weaknesses and work towards improving them.
Utilizing a standard catalog of questions facilitates discussions with the customer team and ensures that all relevant topics are covered.
Automated documentation of developments.

A chronological roadmap of actions taken to ensure project quality.

At the end of the Design phase:
  • Design review
  • Playback session
  • Sign-off
  • Installation of tools, e.g., ATC (ABAP Test Cockpit), KCT (an open-source tool), etc.
  • Handover to the development team
During the Development phase:
  • Functional specification design review
  • Weekly code checks
  • Technical specification design review
  • Monthly global quality control with documentation
  • Customer satisfaction meeting
  • Manual code review
  • Test plan review
  • Automated development documentation

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