Implementing your best-fit solution.

We have vast expertise in designing and implementing solutions across all levels of projects. The Westernacher Q project approach is a highly efficient implementation methodology to bring quick results and a fast ROI. Our methodology combines the best of the available methodologies and can be adapted to fit your project governance framework as well as the characteristics of the project at hand.
A mix of agile, waterfall and activate approaches – Westernacher Q is a framework to make sure scope, budget and timeline are kept while the methodology leaves room and flexibility for agile steps where applicable.​ Westernacher Q is based on five phases:







Start with high-level planning.

Collaboration is key when it comes to designing the best-fit solution, and the initial DEFINE phase starts with a kick-off meeting with the customer and the Westernacher project team where the “rules of engagement” are discussed. The project is planned and organized, and a project charter and timeline are detailed. Business Process Management workshops may be conducted in order to describe the existing processes and create BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) charts.

Key deliverables.
  • Project charter
  • High-level project plan
  • Project organization
  • Kick-off plan, agenda & content
  • BPM workshop plan
  • Interview feedback
  • BPMN charts

Put into practice.

The project is formally initiated, and activity planning begins. In the hands-on DISCOVER phase, an initial health check of the customer’s actual situation and landscape is undertaken. Detailed business scenarios and project scope, business processes, process steps and the requirements of an SAP solution implementation are documented.

Key deliverables.
  • Initial health check and quick screening
  • Refine BPMN charts
  • Business requirements specifications
  • Fit/Gap list
  • Knowledge ramp up
  • Rough estimation
  • Scoping document
  • PM initiation

Blueprint your future.

Design after discovery.

Following the initial screening of the customer’s environment and requirements, a project team consisting of the customer and Westernacher will then DESIGN your solution. A sandbox environment is used to gain hands-on experience. A customized approach and enhancements are specified. Additionally, the development work packages are defined.

Key deliverables.
  • Solution design
  • Business requirements specifications
  • Workflow, report, interface, conversion, enhancement, and forms (WRICEF), configuration document (CD), functional specification document (FSD)
  • Fit/Gap refinement, quick prototypes
  • System architecture
  • Detailed estimation
  • PM planning / execution / controlling

Build and tune a new ​landscape.

The new solution is built in the DEVELOP phase and the integration to other systems is prepared. Cutover-activities and go-live are prepared, and performance tests and user acceptance tests are specified. Key to this stage – and to the success of the project overall – is training and knowledge transfer to key users. Westernacher is an expert when it comes to enabling key users, businesses and IT departments to configure and run the new system, multiply the expertise and be able to specify individual requirements.

Key deliverables.
  • Minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Functional specification document (FSD), technical specification document (TSD)
  • Customizing content document
  • Migration plan / cutover plan
  • COEX (Co-existence) concept
  • Key user training concept
  • PM planning / execution/controlling
  • Functional unit test (FUT) and system integration test (SIT) cases

Final spurt.

In the final DEPLOY phase, preparation and execution activities for the go-live are performed. Integration testing and bug fixing is undertaken. This is the final check before the cutover to the new system in your production environment.

Key deliverables.
  • Final system integration testing
  • Performance testing
  • User acceptance test (UAT)
  • Cutover and conversion activities
  • Go-live
  • Hypercare
  • Lessons learned and start continuous improvement process
  • PM closing

Get equipped with knowledge.

Westernacher Consulting provides comprehensive training to ensure an efficient qualification of different target groups:
  • On-the-job learning of project team.
  • Testing and learning during Functional Unit Test and User Acceptance Test.
  • Classroom training for key users to conduct high quality end-user training.
Trainers are consultants with deep knowledge and experience in SAP applications, business processes and industries.
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