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Understanding your inventory along your entire supply chain – from suppliers through distribution centers all the way to stores – is the basis for better forecasts and allocations, lower shipping costs, fewer stock-outs, reduced excess inventory and markdowns, higher product availability and customer conversions.​

With our decades-long experience in innovating retailers, we know how you achieve excellence in retail with end-to-end inventory visibility. Our Supply Chain Control Tower, for example, allows you to navigate and manage your supply chain in real time, ensuring you deliver smarter and faster.

End-to-end inventory visibility. The holy grail of retail excellence.

The opportunities are endless to gain new customers, increase revenues, and improve margins. Imagine it and we can show you how.

Westernacher Retail Industry - Demand Supply Chain

Warehouse creation with SAP EWM.

As part of a major strategic shift, food wholesaler Aarnio has implemented SAP EWM. Westernacher has implemented this.

Aarnio, part of the Wihuri group, is one of the largest food wholesalers in Finland, with a 25% market share. It supplies around 30,000 customers daily, from restaurants to distribution chains and service stations. The group has 23 distribution centers in Finland and employs around 400 people.

Innovating retailers for over 20 years.

Retail - fashion

Discount fashion retailers sell what they buy.

Retail - fashion

Fashion and apparel retailers are often vertically integrated and have products with very short lifecycles and very long supply chains.

Retail - fashion

Department stores make their own inventories, have store-in-store arrangements, and outsource some departments entirely to third parties.

Retail - fruits

Groceries have a large number of SKUs and a mix of packaged, fresh, and frozen foods.

Do-It-Yourself retailers have to manage articles as small as screws and as large as playsets, as simple as sand and as complex as appliances.

Innovating home delivery services. Be bold and succeed.

E-commerce is revolutionizing retail by shifting the last mile delivery responsibility from customers to retailers. Instead of replenishing stores once or twice a week with large trucks, retailers must now plan, organize, optimize and execute hundreds of home deliveries or parcel shipments every day. Finding the right sweet spot between fulfilling high customer expectations and minimizing costs challenges online and brick-and-mortar retailers alike.
Innovative approaches are needed to delight customers without breaking the bank. The ability to cover the end-to-end process from taking orders on the Web, allowing for delivery timeslots, picking and packing the order at the best inventory location, all the way to optimized delivery planning and integrated proof of delivery (POD) can provide a significant competitive advantage.
We are experts in supply chain processes and understand where retailers have pain points. We offer innovative solutions that combine technology solutions, operational and business process reengineering, and organizational improvements.

Achieving revenue assurance and cost reductions​. Supply Chain Control Towers.

There are so many things that go wrong in your supply chain: delayed order acceptance, errors on POs, wrong lead times, incidents such as port strikes, fire at a supplier or a pandemic. We integrate multiple systems with huge volumes of data, ensure that from this data jungle the right information is available at the right time in the right hands, and we address operational and organizational challenges. We call this approach for a better end-to-end visibility Supply Chain Performance Assurance (SCPA).

Optimizing retailer operations in warehouse management.

For retailers, it is all about managing your inventory. This is true for all echelons in the supply chain, from distribution centers (DCs) all the way to stores. Have the right merchandise for the right price in the right place. Keep merchandise fresh and attractive. Ensure availability to increase conversions.​ Click & Collect has given brick & mortar another boost. It also means that stores have taken another step to become forward storage locations. As experts in warehouse management with 50 years of experience from hundreds of projects, Westernacher Consulting helps customers to improve, optimize, and innovate on a daily basis.

End-to end supply chain inventory visibility in retail. The evolution of the retail store.

Running all stores as part of a central warehouse management system provides real-time inventory visibility from all locations on every echelon of the (internal) supply chain.In the past, stores were the place where you go to check out a product, try it on and purchase it. It was the place to be informed, to get inspired, to find new ideas, and to hunt for the best deals. The Internet has changed all of this. To read the full white paper, please click the button below to download your copy of the white paper.

Westernacher white paper: End-to-end supply chain inventory visibility in retail. The evolution of the retail store

Understanding what happens in your store. IoT for retail.

Omnichannel retail demand visibility. Supply chain and store operations are usually separated and have their own system landscape. Complex architectures with costly integrations are required to gain visibility and integrate store information with other channels to provide a seamless customer experience. Westernacher is on an innovation path to simplify processes, data flows, system architectures, and operations to provide a unified omnichannel experience. Talk to us to learn more about our ideas to extend the reach of warehouse management solutions and the Internet of Things.

Getting started. Start slow or dive right in.​


Short introduction of Westernacher​

Identify your key issues​ Discuss first ideas​

1-2 hours​

Identify partnering opportunities


Introduce relevant Westernacher capabilities​

Discuss how capabilities can benefit you​

0.5 – 1 day​

Identify specific innovation areas​


Review current state business process, capabilities, and pain points​

Demonstrate & discuss ideas​

3 – 5 days​

Develop a high-level roadmap and business case​


Identify current state business process, capabilities, and pain points​

Developing future state scenarios, business processes, and capabilities​

4 – 6 weeks​

Develop a detailed roadmap and business case​

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