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The life science industry is at a crossroads today. Regulators and patients are asking for greater value for their products and more transparency in information. Meanwhile, innovative, cost-effective medicines are increasingly demanded. Therefore, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are seeking to plan more carefully and operate more strategically and efficiently. In doing this, they must leverage new technologies to their full potential.
Across the entire life sciences value chain, with our decades-long experience and extensive industry knowledge, we guide you on how to continuously improve your processes with innovative applications. Track & trace, efficient supply chain execution, forecasting, inventory planning and distribution of large volumes of products, as well as decision-support systems for effective product life cycle management serve as examples from our portfolio.

Breaking new ground with Advanced Track & Trace.

Westernacher has successfully implemented SAP EWM at large pharmaceutical companies in compliance with serialization regulations for pharmaceutical products. The scope of these implementations included the integration of SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP).

SAP EWM provides functionalities such as batch management and serial number management, which help you to identify your stock. You can integrate EWM directly to SAP ATTP, which provides functionalities that enable you to comply with country-specific legal requirements of serialization, tracking and tracing, and regulatory reporting of pharmaceutical products.

Another typical topic for the pharmaceutical industry is the integration of manufacturing execution systems (MES) to ensure that the handshake “to” and “from” production will work with less effort and full transparency between both systems. We have integrated multiple MES across sites.

For companies heavy with QM functionalities, we know how to implement the functionalities of EWM such as inspection lot summary, pre-sampling in production, recurring inspection, internal inspection and partial lot decisions. We are experienced in the requirements of documentation and testing to ensure compliance with GMP.

How to benefit from a connected supply chain with SAP TM and EWM.

Standalone supply chain systems offer efficient processes for their respective functional area, but businesses can find additional value with connected systems. A connected system is one that combines the silos of warehousing and transportation to share data and create a supply chain with the goal of establishing a seamless processes.

Westernacher white paper: How to benefit from a connected supply chain with SAP TM and SAP EWM.
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Chinese pharma giant ensures safe delivery with SAP EWM and SAP TM.

In the highly regulated medical services arena, Chinese pharmaceutical group Realcan supplies drugs and medical instruments from over 12,000 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers through over 130 branches nationwide. We helped improve its transportation process with the implementation of SAP EWM and SAP TM, which guarantee the safe delivery of its every order.

We carried out one of the fastest planning implementations at a pharmaceutical company. It not only achieved automation and improved management of global inventory but better forecasting of material needs. Discover the wealth of our planning solutions.

Global forecasting and inventory optimization.

Steer your company successfully with KPIs.

Making decisions in a complex environment like a modern enterprise is not as easy as it seems from the outside. Many factors need to be considered and some are more important than others. Unfortunately, these factors and their influence on a decision may change with each case. Many different KPI systems have been introduced to support making such a decision on a settled basis, taking into consideration a certain set of factors and preconditions. But which KPI system should be used and when? Is there a perfect fitting KPI system for you and your company? Here you can find all the answers.

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Benefit from connected machines with Industrial Internet of Things.

Westernacher white paper: Three ways to benefit from a connected supply chain with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises improved operational efficiency through smarter, automated decisions driven by swaths of newly available data. To put it simply, IoT sensors allow us to measure the physical world with unprecedented accuracy and detail, thus permitting data-driven decisions. As a long-time innovator in manufacturing process optimization, we are glad to explore with you the advantages of connected machines and predictive maintenance and how you can make use of these advantages to avoid unnecessary maintenance work and boost productivity.

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