Warehouse Management with SAP EWM.

Next generation warehousing.
The future is not as far away as some might think – robots, drones, connected forklifts, GPS, etc. will take over almost the entire warehousing and order processing functions, based on real-time data and networked systems. We can help you leverage your investment in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) to the max with innovative solutions that drive productivity, efficiency, and value add in any warehouse environment. With over 30 years’ experience implementing SAP warehouse solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

What is SAP EWM?

SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) enables supply chain networks to respond to changes and provide the required flexibility. Warehouse execution will be seamlessly integrated into the entire supply chain to monitor exceptions and to provide insight into planning and operations.
Keeping a warehouse running smoothly clearly depends on transparent and accurate inventory – and wise and flexible resource management. To maximize productivity, you must automate and optimize traditional warehouse operations – from goods receipt, through storage, to packing and shipping. You also need to make the most of human resources and equipment assets, by implementing techniques such as interleaving tasks and implementing controls for space and equipment usage. SAP EWM on the S/4HANA platform helps you meet these objectives.

SAP EWM at a glance. Operational excellence.

SAP EWM at a glance. Operational excellence.

What are the features of SAP EWM?

  • Reverse logistics
  • Asset utilization
  • Visibility & transparency
  • Stock transfers
  • Production supply
  • Warehouse automation
  • X-Docking
  • Yard management
  • Contract logistics
  • Shuttles & conveyors
  • Integration with Transport Management and Yard Logistics
  • Labor management
  • Mobile devices

Westernacher Consulting – the warehouse experts.

1. SAP EWM worldwide as a partner of SAP
1. SAP EWM decentral worldwide
1. SAP EWM in China
1. SAP EWM-MFS in Asia
1. SAP EWM with mobile robots worldwide
Customer references

SAP EWM Highlights.

SAGW accelerates path to innovation with SAP EWM.

SAP S/4HANA Decentralized EWM at PPG – a world first.

Next generation retail fora new normal at Elkjøp.

White paper

Innovation meets inspiration.

A day in an Industry 4.0 Warehouse.

Benefit from a connected supply chain with SAP TM and SAP EWM.

End-to-end supply chain inventory visibility in retail.

We help you on your warehouse journey.

Many customers see SAP EWM as their first starting point with S/4HANA.
As a leading consulting company with a rich experience and dedicated expertise in implementing SAP software, we know both the requirements and implications of changing and optimizing business processes and the technology perspective. Therefore, we teamed up and developed an approach that helps companies save time, empower users and become proactive instead of reactive. When guiding companies and organizations on their transformation process to SAP EWM we have a clear roadmap and a set of customized packages.
Inspiration day
A unique opportunity for your company to gather all relevant leaders and specialists for an inspirational, interactive and hands-on workshop.
Warehouse health check
Westernacher Consulting’s “Warehouse Health Check” is a diagnostic assessment of your current warehouse solution and business processes.
  • A review of your current issues, system restrictions, warehouse metrics, and KPIs
  • An onsite analysis of your warehouse operations
  • Suggestions for areas for optimization
  • An overview of targeted areas for cost reduction
  • Identification of necessary measures and preconditions for an optimal SAP EWM implementation
  • An outline of potential ROI to aid the business case
Proof of concept
Together with your business and IT, we fully support your successful SAP EWM project from planning to preparatory steps in SAP EWM, custom code conversion, the introduction of new processes and transactions and highlighting of the key areas for increased efficiency and productivity.

Establish quick wins with Westernacher

Time-to-Value Solutions for your warehouse.

Fast Solution
“Distribution Center”
The Westernacher SAP EWM Fast Solution “Distribution Center” is implemented in 12 weeks from initial project kick-off until successful go-live and hypercare. Besides SAP standard functionalities for inbound, outbound and internal processes, the solution highlights customer returns, ABC classification, case picking and picking waves, and packing and shipping processes.
Fast Solution
“Manufacturing Warehouse”
The Westernacher SAP EWM Fast Solution “Manufacturing Warehouse” is implemented in 12 weeks from initial project kick-off until successful go-live and hypercare. Besides SAP standard functionalities for inbound, outbound and internal processes, the solution highlights single and cross-order staging, consumption, production returns and loading.

Instant Innovation Tools.

Solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP TM or SAP EWM offer extensive functionalities for a wide range of business processes. If you need something special that SAP does not provide in the standard, our Instant Innovation Tools are exactly the right choice.

We scan | UI5 EWM add-on. Adding value and bridging gaps.

Innovation is more than just work here at Westernacher Consulting—we deliver. With our extensive experience of SAP EWM, we have developed a number of assets and innovative solutions to benefit our customers. Our We scan | UI5 EWM application leverages all of the RF functionality provided by SAP with a UI5 look and feel.

PI Drone – Fully integrated SAP EWM solution.

Want to save time and money with your inventory? Take a look at our fully integrated PI Drone.

Streamline and simplify your warehouse operations.

EWM Insights based on SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to easily monitor your warehouse operations. With our dashboard, you can see in real-time how your warehouse is performing through over 40 KPIs that are critical to your operation.

Gain better insights into your warehouse operations.

Manage your business across regions and warehouses around the world – with EWM Insights based on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Through integration with SAP EWM, SAP WM and other warehouse management systems, Westernacher's EWM Insights offers significant value and benefits when the goal is global inventory and warehouse operations visibility.

Bring your warehouse to the next level with Connected Forklift.

Here we achieve transparency of forklift truck movements, utilization and efficiency. In addition, we offer a higher degree of automation based on geofencing, through which we automate postings based on geofences. E.g. Once we transport a pallet to the loading area, that posting will be done automatically when the forklift enters the zone (indoor position vs. zone matching), eliminating the need for a manual scan of that pallet to the loading zone.

Connecting your transportation partners with eXpress.

Before sending packages or pallets from SAP EWM, SAP ERP or SAP TM, you first need an agreement with the respective CEP (courier, express and parcel) service provider. Each of these carriers will then have the data for the package, e.g. sender, recipient, size, weight, etc. to determine the label that should be applied. Since interfaces to the carriers are not standardized, we need software that handles communication with the carriers and prints the labels.

Faster picking, better storage utilization with Westernacher WeSlot for your warehouse.

Westernacher WeSlot is a practical and comprehensive slotting tool that meets industry requirements. Built on SAP EWM, it is easy to deploy and helps business and warehouse optimize inventory allocation to achieve: Faster picking, reduction of pick face shortages, reduced replenishment effort, better utilization of storage capacity and lower material handling cost.

Picking made easy with Westernacher We scan | S/4HANA® cloud.

Westernacher has harnessed the power of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and added its own features, complementing all that SAP has to offer while making it all the more accessible with an Android-based application that is simple to use and easy to set up. With Westernacher’s user-friendly offering, you have everything you need to manage your warehouse processes simply and seamlessly from the cloud. All that is required is an S/4HANA Cloud account, Android Handheld (Android v 4.3) and the Westernacher We scan | S/4HANA® cloud application.

On time. On track. With Westernacher We schedule.

Westernacher We schedule is a solution that digitizes the entire dock appointment scheduling process end to end, allowing for complete visibility for vendor, driver, yard and warehouse.

What are the SAP EWM deployment options.

SAP EWM and warehouse functionalities in S/4HANA are constantly evolving and we will work with you to ensure you implement the best deployment option for your business.
S/4HANA Stock Room Management
S/4HANA Embedded EWM
S/4HANA Decentralized EWM on-premise
S/4HANA Decentralized EWM cloud
S/4HANA Cloud Warehouse Management
S/4HANA on-premise:
embedded EWM
S/4HANA or ECC on-premise:
Decentral SAP EWM
S/4HANA cloud:
Decentral SAP EWM
S/4HANA cloud:
Warehouse Management

We don’t just stop with projects.

We see our customers as long-term partners. Once your SAP EWM system is up and running, then our support team will take over.

Already running SAP EWM but not seeing the benefits? Significantly increase your Warehouse Business Value with the Westernacher Continuous Improvements Service.

Continuous improvement.

One-stop shop for your warehouse modernization.

Do you want to ensure your warehouse always fits customer and market requirements? As a general contractor and partnering with Miebach, we offer everything, including hardware, you need to retrofit your warehouse so as to make your legacy warehouse future-proof and protect your investments.

Would you like to know more about this offering? Read more and contact us today.

SAP EWM Insights.

Let's work together.
Warehouse Management – Time-to-Value Solutions

Fast Solution "Distribution Center".

  • Organizational structure (ERP): 1 plant, 2 storage locations
  • Organizational structure (EWM): inbound / outbound staging, 4 storage areas – general, rack, bulk and pick face
  • Out of scope: no integration to automation
  • Based on 1 warehouse

Detailed scope:

  • Direct putaway flow
  • Automatic packing flow
  • Manual packing flow
  • Customer returns
  • ABC classification (Fiori app)
  • Ad-hoc moves
  • Scrapping
  • Physical inventory
  • Planned replenishment
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Full pallet picking
  • Case picking (pick by cart – Fiori app)
  • Loading
  • Wave management
  • Dock appointment scheduling
  • Shipping cockpit
  • Outbound packing – Fiori app
  • Vendor returns
  • Opportunistic cross docking
  • Reduced menu based on UI5 – standard RF transactions
  • Westernacher UI5 add-on included
Warehouse Management – Time-to-Value Solutions

Fast Solution "Manufacturing Warehouse ".

  • Organizational structure (ERP): 1 plant, 3 storage locations
  • Organizational structure (EWM): inbound, outbound & production staging, 4 storage areas – general, rack, bulk and production supply area
  • Out of scope: no integration to automation
  • Based on 1 warehouse

Detailed scope:

  • Direct putaway flow
  • Automatic packing flow
  • Manual packing flow
  • Inbound with quality
  • GR from production
  • Ad-hoc moves
  • Scrapping
  • Physical inventory
  • Planned replenishment
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Single order staging
  • Cross order staging
  • Consumption
  • Production returns
  • Full pallet picking
  • Loading
  • Vendor returns
  • Reduced menu based on UI5 – standard RF transactions
  • Westernacher UI5 add-on included

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SAP S/4HANA is currently intensely under discussion, there are lots of sometimes confusing information about S/4HANA. It is difficult to find out what S/4HANA really means for current and future SAP customers. Find the right answer for your company in our individual expert discussions and get the information you need to define your companies IT-strategy.

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  • What innovations does S/4HANA really have, what significance do they have for your company, processes and IT?
  • What is the best way to implement S/4HANA
  • On Premise or Cloud – which model fits your strategy?
  • How are S/4HANA projects planned and implemented successfully?

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A day in an Industry 4.0 warehouse. Learn how different roles in an Industry 4.0 warehouse leverage IoT technologies to carry out their duties.

  • How John, the warehouse picker, is able to handle urgent orders on-the-fly without interrupting his pick-path.
  • How Paula, the forklift operator, is able to work safer and more efficiently.
  • How Sarah, the inventory manager, ensures the proper handling of stock in the warehouse.
  • How Jared, the warehouse manager, maintains safe and efficient warehouse operations.
  • How Emily, the CEO, gets a holistic view of the whole company’s operations
SAP EWM with Westernacher. A day in an industry 4.0 warehouse.