World first for PPG with S/4 decentral EWM.

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As part of the initiative to derive operational efficiencies leveraging digitalization, coatings company PPG set out to transform the warehouse management platform at one of their largest European distribution centers. In partnership with Westernacher Consulting, PPG AC France embarked on the world’s first SAP S/4 Decentralized EWM implementation, and now benefits from the superb user experience with one of Westernacher’s latest innovations, the RF UI5 add-on.
Ring the changes.
PPG are a global coatings company that manufacture innovative and sustainable solutions for transparencies, paints and sealants. With a long-standing tradition of developing cutting-edge technologies and operations in more than 70 countries around the world, PPG are a leader in their field. PPG AC France were seeking to replace a highly customized legacy WMS solution with a modern, integrated and configurable WMS platform that would align with PPG’s SAP roadmap as well as deliver a solution that would:
Westernacher Customer Success Story: SAP S/4HANA Decentralized EWM implementation at PPG.
  • manage the different operational activities of the warehouse and the specific and diverse PPG warehouse processes including cross docking, e-commerce and intercompany transfers
  • improve the efficiency of the current logistics processes, such as receiving and putaway optimization as well as simplifying the complex customer returns process
  • meet the current and future needs of PPG’s wide customer base
With increased transparency and automation, the new streamlined platform has transformed warehouse operations and maximized efficiency. There has been a 5% increase in operations efficiency and ergonomic improvements of operators for picking. PPG have also put their users at the forefront in optimizing the user experience with one of Westernacher’s latest innovations, the RF UI5 add-on. The application ensures optimized efficiency through guided UI5 screens in inbound, outbound and internal processes. RF UI5 works with SAP EWM, allowing for tracking of warehouse operations in real time. Easy access with UI5 enables fine-tuning for new processes in the future.
Fig 1: Westernacher RF UI5 Application – Data entry process.
Move to a harmonized platform.
From the onset of the engagement, PPG AC France were clear that they wanted to increase process automation and overall visibility across their warehouse operations. To attain this goal, PPG AC France decided to transform their old, segregated warehouse processes into efficient, transparent and harmonized ones with SAP S/4 Decentralized EWM as part of an integrated platform.
Westernacher Customer Success Story: SAP S/4HANA Decentralized EWM implementation at PPG.
Fig 2: PPG are a recognized leader in innovation, color and sustainability.
PPG AC France selected Westernacher based on their track record in successful delivery of SAP EWM implementations and their recognized position as a trusted partner and pioneer in the warehouse management sector. Their confidence was well placed, according to Remi Luong.
‘Our experience with Westernacher Consulting has been a very positive one from the start. The assigned consultants were very knowledgeable about EWM, spent a lot of time on-site and were always available and open-minded to answering business requests with time constraint.
Remi Luong, Senior IT Project Manager at PPG
Streamlined for success.
The project has brought a number of significant benefits to the PPG AC France warehouse, including optimization of resource availability and utilization and real-time operational visibility. The overall drivers were to increase efficiency, improve stock visibility and deliver to maximum customer satisfaction levels. The S/4 Decentralized EWM platform has delivered:
Westernacher Customer Success Story: SAP S/4HANA Decentralized EWM implementation at PPG.
  • Resource and task optimization across all processes to remove manual work allocation and effective smart task prioritization to ensure the right work at the right time in the right place
  • Improved and enhanced cartonization planning to optimize picking for specific customer requirements and to optimize pallet filling to achieve maximum utilization based on product dimensions
  • Aligned picking and replenishment operations to remove wait times for fulfilment team
  • Better inventory tracking of the warehouse and management of ABC cycle counting
  • Customer service improvements to support late customizations, urgent order fulfilment and special requests with purchase processes
  • Streamlined and optimized intercompany, production, inbound and returns operations by reducing errors in receiving and speeding up the usage decision process for returns
  • Pick by Voice enhanced picking efficiency in the warehouse
Westernacher Customer Success Story: SAP S/4 Decentralized EWM implementation at PPG—a world first.
Fig 3: Westernacher RF UI5 Application – List screen selection process

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