Business Process Intelligence with SAP Signavio.

A successful business transfor­ma­tion requires a solid understanding of pain points, in-depth process analysis, industry benchmarking, process reimagina­tion and a smooth collaboration of all involved parties, just to name a few. Business Process Intelligence (BPI) with SAP Signavio is the first to bring all these components into a unified set of solutions, combining deep process analysis with the tools needed for process re-engineering or creating entirely new and innovative business processes. It covers business process design, benchmarking, gap analysis, improve­ment, and process change management.

The Why, What and How. Ensure the best possible approach.

Business Process Intelligence – an end-to-end transformation suite.

BPI represents the next-generation process layer within the SAP portfolio, providing a comprehensive and holistic offer to transform your business processes end-to-end. SAP BPI offers a wide range of solutions to support a seamless and smooth business transformation – from business process design, benchmarking, gap analysis and improvement to process change management.
Westernacher Consulting E-Book: The Ultimate Guide to BPI (Business Process Intelligence) with SAP Signavio.

The ultimate guide to BPI with SAP Signavio.

Westernacher Consulting takes you on a holistic journey towards SAP Signavio. Get a deeper understanding about what SAP Signavio is, what it does and learn how the various SAP Signavio solutions can bring your organization to its next level.

Towards the Intelligent Enterprise of tomorrow.

BPI solutions enable strategic end-to-end process transformations and represent the base for the Intelligent Enterprise of tomorrow. They allow you to chart your digital transformation at your own speed and terms – regardless of your starting point. SAP BPI supports you to take the right data-driven business decisions, have full transparency and understanding of your processes, be able to align business and IT people and transform your business continuously, predictably and safely.

Benefit from Business Process Intelligence.


Company-wide transparency through a single source of process truth, combined with real-time and granular insights, embraces accelerated bottleneck identification and data-driven decision-making.

Customer Excellence

Leverage experience and operational data with process mining to understand root causes of customer frustration or happiness to analyze, improve and transform operations for targeted KPIs.

Continuous Process Innovation

Jump-start innovation by highlighting where traditional approaches can be upgraded and shape a better understanding of projects, tasks, and KPIs across teams through enhanced collaboration.

SAP Signavio. The BPI solution.

SAP Process
Secure instant business value and quickly gain performance visibility, business process deep-dive with advanced analytics, as well as benefit from tailor-made improvement recommendations.
SAP Signavio
Process Intelligence
From running detailed process analysis, interacting with business data to leveraging process mining for fact-based changes in order to uncover the hidden value in business processes and data.
SAP Signavio
Process Manager
Rapidly respond to unforeseeable business and regulatory changes, collaboratively scale the process repository of your enterprise, and simulate your processes to define alternative business scenarios.
SAP Signavio
Journey Modeler
Deliver customer excellence through customer journey models, alignment of business processes to customer experiences and sharing customer journeys for feedback and experience enhancements.
SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub
Collaborate and work together in your own way by building a single source of truth across all teams, breaking down business silos and shaping an improved understanding of KPIs, tasks and projects.
SAP Signavio Process Governance
Gain complete visibility and governance over workflows, develop prototypes for rapid deployment and scale-up workflows without coding as well as reduce business process variations and rework.

Your first step to benefit from Business Process Intelligence.

Talk with us at Westernacher Consulting. As SAP Gold Partner and thought leader in the digitalization area we will listen to your plans, challenges and strategy and build an individual roadmap together with you.

The elements of SAP Business Process Intelligence combined with Westernacher Consulting's expertise will fully leverage the benefits of your digital transformation.


Benefit from a tailored offer according to your individual needs that supports unleashing the full potential of your business transformation.


Enhance your process excellence and maximize returns throughout your business areas with SAP BPI solutions.


Westernacher Consulting advises you on how to use BPI solutions and how to effectively yield added value for your business.

RISE with SAP.

Bring your SAP S/4HANA implementation and digital transformation to the next level. With Business Process Intelligence.

SAP BPI Use Cases.

Business Transformation
  • RISE with SAP
  • Process standardization and simplification
  • Process consolidation inc. shared services
  • Equip for mergers and acquisitions
  • Foundation for continuous improvement
IT Transformation
  • Conversion to SAP S/4HANA
  • Return to standard code
  • ERP consolidation
  • Digital foundation
Process focus
  • Order to cash (O2C)
  • Purchase to pay (P2P)
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Service management
Performance initiatives
  • Customer excellence (service, sales orders, distribution, sentiment, etc.)
  • Cost reduction (procurement, plant floor, etc.)
  • Governance, risk, and compliance

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Westernacher Consulting takes you on a holistic journey towards Business Process Intelligence (BPI). Get a deeper under­standing about what BPI is, what it does and learn how the various BPI solutions can bring your organization to its next level.

Westernacher Consulting E-Book: The Ultimate Guide to BPI (Business Process Intelligence) with SAP Signavio.