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Published on April 4, 2022 – Johannes Strasser, Solutions Consultant SAP S/4HANA Finance & Business Process Intelligence at Westernacher

Visibility into actual operations, inefficiencies in business processes (delays, long lead times), process compliance, understanding the root cause on process side as well as visibility into areas of improvement are just an excerpt of challenges companies are facing today when it comes to their business process management. In this context, having visibility into the real process execution and process inefficiencies, understanding inefficiencies and getting recommendations for improvements, pinpointing improvement potential and driving transformative changes as well as gaining visibility into process paths that lead to cumbersome experiences are parts of the solutions that come with Business Process Intelligence (BPI) from SAP.

To get a generic overview about the subject, the figure below illustrates the powerful solutions for process analysis and mining with SAP BPI: SAP Process Insights and SAP Signavio Process Intelligenc:

Analyze your processes end-to-end with SAP Process Insights.

SAP Process Insights represents a new solution providing you with continuous monitoring, assessment, and improvement of your business processes. It leverages business processes and enables you to quickly and more easily evaluate your process performance based on facts, select transformation options, and directly execute process change. SAP Process Insights readily connects to your SAP ERP or S/4HANA system and instantly starts spotting process weaknesses and optimization potentials. The solution generates process improvement recommendations for automating or improving processes to yield performance enhancements at scale within less than 24 hours of starting the implementation.

For seven lines of business and six end-to-end processes, SAP Process Insights covers 40 process flows, equivalent to 400+ individual metrics, 130 performance indicators as well as 15 of the most relevant business goals. More than 100 correction recommendations, such as configuration changes or master data fixes, are built in. Furthermore, SAP Process Insights delivers 300+ tailored innovation recommendations for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Fiori apps, as well as SAP offerings for situation handling, robotic process automation, and machine learning.

With SAP Process Insights, you can make the shift from transformation based on instinct or “gut feeling” to data-based process improvement. SAP Process Insights enables you to generate dynamic, real-time reports that assess the speed and efficiency of your existing business processes. These reports can be used for quick performance comparisons and KPI benchmarking. The tool can help you to identify bottlenecks and introduce recommended improvements with corrective actions, thanks to integration with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) and automated bot building. You can then further align your operations through automated monitoring capabilities. This supports both rapid time and cost savings as well as sustainable benefits in efficiency and process optimization. Automated and advanced process data visualization builds a real-time picture of how your organization really works. Combined with live monitoring of process performance, you can increase your operational transparency to break silos and meet consumer demands faster than ever.

SAP Process Insights quickly provides transparency about added value sources within the SAP ERP application or SAP S/4HANA system, maximizing returns across your business areas. You can additionally drive continuous enhancement initiatives with improved performance views and process drill-downs, which leads to a clearer understanding of your business processes. You can use automated, advanced process data extraction and continuous updates to get instant insights, for a clearer end-to-end understanding of your business. With the root cause analysis capability, you can narrow your focus by drilling down to find out where your issues really lie. By leveraging data-driven process improvement recommendations, you can start improving right away, focusing on corrective actions and relevant SAP applications. Ultimately, SAP Process Insights enables you to foster collaboration between your decision-makers, business professionals, and IT experts via an intuitive, user-friendly application user interface.

In short, SAP Process Insights is positioned to support you to make the right decisions across your business areas. It supports you to achieve higher business value by focusing on the most impactful transformation action. Benefits can be gained faster through granular, readily accessible insights and tailored recommendations – within 24 hours of implementation. This way, you have the possibility to gain new levels of optimization in lockstep with improved business resilience, resulting in stability, business continuity, and lasting enhancements to customer experience.

Mine your processes end-to-end with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence is an integral part of BPI by SAP. The solution covers the latest process mining capabilities at scale, supporting smarter business decision-making by providing powerful fact-based insights into potential risks and continuous enhancement opportunities. It therefore enables you to identify hidden business value in your processes and data. SAP Signavio Process Intelligence allows you to run highly granular process analysis for actionable enhancements, create smart diagnostics to test bottlenecks and simulations, evaluate process change alternatives considering best practices, optimize business processes for robotic process automation (RPA), hyper-automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as well as derive precise customer behavior for improved customer journeys. In the context of RISE with SAP, the solution further boosts your S/4HANA transformation to its next level.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence helps you to gain an improved understanding of your data to drive fact-based changes. By running this solution, you may gain an improved end-to-end view of your processes – from event logs to user interactions. From a technical standpoint, you can manage your data, develop new models, integrate outputs across third-party applications and set metrics for in-depth analysis to understand as-is operations, activities, and sequences. In this context, you may benefit from out-of-the-box capabilities to reduce time-to-analysis with ETL connectors and templated transformations for the most common processes, including Procure-to-Pay (P2P) and Order-to-Cash (O2C). Interaction and investigation of what matters most have never been smoother, since SAP Signavio Process Intelligence instantly uncovers business process inefficiencies and bottlenecks for seamless operations. Process stories can be examined to compare KPIs, conduct impact analysis, and learn about variants to streamline business operations. You can dynamically map and connect your process control flows for frontline enhancement in compliance, deviations, and waste. By conducting root cause analysis, the solution enables investigation into delays, skipped activities and sequence of events, while drastically reducing cycle times and rework.

As SAP Signavio Process Intelligence uncovers process inefficiencies for enhanced operations, you can further benefit from setting widgets for accelerated performance analysis and outcome sharing. These widgets allow facilitated consumption and detailed extractions for immediate insights on performance KPIs, cycle-time analysis, and overall business health indicators. In addition to widgets, process performance and compliance metrics can be built and combined with process mining investigations to speed up your business outcomes. SAP Signavio Process Intelligence allows you to see more of the information you really need – in just one single platform. By connecting and extracting data with enhanced integration capabilities, it is possible to connect to various source systems to explore relevant widgets for instant information. As a result, business leaders like you can turn their data into an environment where business, process, and IT work together to further drive efficiency and effectiveness.

In short, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can be considered a real game-changer for business process management. The solution equips you with next-generation end-to-end capabilities to manage your business transformation in a more efficient and effective way: from accurate as-is process improvement, root-cause analysis to continuous monitoring. Based on transparent process data, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence embraces improved decision-making on how processes are executed. Conformance checking can consequently be leveraged to guarantee that standard practices are executed as initially intended, enabling a quick identification of exceptions. Thanks to the derivation of complete end-to-end perspectives and performance overviews, you can better understand what is happening in your organization in real-time in order to safeguard operational health.

As outlined, SAP BPI with its solutions SAP Process Insights and SAP Signavio Process Intelligence offer a wide range of support for seamless and smooth process analysis and mining in order to cope with today’s challenges and we at Westernacher help you on the journey towards it. As SAP Gold Partner and thought leader in the digitalization area, we will listen to your specific plans, challenges and strategy and build an individual roadmap together with you.

In our next post, we will focus on the process and journey modeling part of BPI in more detail. Stay tuned.

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