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Westernacher Consulting Instant Innovation Tools
SAP solutions such as S/4HANA, TM or EWM cover a wide range of functionalities for various business processes. But sometimes you need something very specific that SAP does not provide by default. Our Instant Innovation Tools are exactly the right solution for such requirements.
Whether you want to automate the verification of your transportation invoices, easily integrate your courier service providers or import product data from GS1—Westernacher Instant Innovation Tools can be implemented quickly, allowing your SAP systems to work with the latest technology. That’s the way to faster innovation.
Westernacher Consulting Instant Innovation Tools

17 Instant Innovation Tools.

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We scan | UI5 EWM add-on

Adding value and bridging gaps.
Innovation is more than just work here at Westernacher Consulting—we deliver. With our extensive experience of SAP EWM, we have developed a number of assets and innovative solutions to benefit our customers. Our We scan | UI5 EWM application leverages all of the RF functionality provided by SAP with a UI5 look and feel.

We scan | S/4HANA® cloud

Picking made easy.
Westernacher has harnessed the power of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and added its own features, complementing all that SAP has to offer while making it all the more accessible with an Android-based application that is simple to use and easy to set up. With Westernacher’s user-friendly offering, you have everything you need to manage your warehouse processes simply and seamlessly from the cloud.

We slot

Faster picking, better storage utilization for your warehouse.
"Westernacher We slot" is a practical and comprehensive slotting tool that meets industry requirements. Built on SAP EWM, it is easy to deploy and helps business and warehouse optimize inventory allocation to achieve: Faster picking, reduction of pick face shortages, reduced replenishment effort, better utilization of storage capacity and lower material handling cost.

We schedule

On time. On track. With Westernacher.
Westernacher We schedule is a solution that digitizes the entire dock appointment scheduling process end to end, allowing for complete visibility for vendor, driver, yard and warehouse.

We sync / GS1

Automatic import of GS1 product data.
If you want to get product data via GS1, here is the fastest and most convenient way to integrate this into your SAP system – with the Westernacher Instant Innovation Tool ´We sync / GS1´ for SAP ECC and S/4HANA. Import GS1 product data completely automatically and maintain your master data in the usual SAP environment.

We count | PI Drone

Fully integrated SAP EWM solution.
Want to save time and money with your inventory? Take a look at our fully integrated PI Drone.

EWM Insights – SAP Analytics Cloud

Streamline and simplify your warehouse operations.
EWM Insights based on SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to easily monitor your warehouse operations. With our dashboard, you can see in real-time how your warehouse is performing through over 40 KPIs that are critical to your operation.

EWM Insights – SAP Datasphere

Gain better insights into your warehouse operations.
Manage your business across regions and warehouses around the world – with EWM Insights based on SAP Datasphere. Through integration with SAP EWM, SAP WM and other warehouse management systems, Westernacher's EWM Insights offers significant value and benefits when the goal is global inventory and warehouse operations visibility.

Supply Chain Performance Assurance

Built on SAP Analytics Cloud. Your supply chain in real time.
Early insight in your supply chain is crucial. With our solutions package “Supply Chain Performance Assurance” built on SAP Analytics Cloud, identify the correct KPIs to resolve issues across your supply chain and address where the problem is or may occur. Benefit from features for collaboration and deep analysis, as well as a user-friendly interface.


Connecting your transportation partners.
Before sending packages or pallets from SAP EWM, SAP ERP or SAP TM, you first need an agreement with the respective CEP service provider. Each of these carriers will then have the data for the package to determine the label that should be applied. Since interfaces to the carriers are not standardized, we need software that handles communication with the carriers and prints the labels.

Connected Warehouse

Smooth, efficient operations with IoT.
Choose the most efficient option to manage your warehouse operations in real time – with IoT. By integrating sensor data in SAP IoT with modern warehouse solutions, you can dramatically improve warehouse throughput, inventory planning capabilities and engage an efficient workforce.

Connected Forklift

Bring your warehouse to the next level.
We achieve transparency of forklift truck movements, utilization and efficiency. In addition, we offer a higher degree of automation based on geofencing, through which we automate postings based on geofences. E.g. Once we transport a pallet to the loading area, that posting will be done automatically when the forklift enters the zone, eliminating the need for a manual scan of that pallet to the loading zone.

Connected Kanban

Real-time replenishment booking in SAP EWM.
Connected Kanban is a standard solution for your real-time material replenishment. Learn how to seamlessly integrate from small load carriers to SAP EWM. This process is mapped via Neoception Intralogistic Suite and transmitted to SAP via a standard interface. Fully automatically. Watch and find out how Westernacher Consulting can optimize your warehouse to get more efficient. 


Transportation Invoicing Assistant
To take the charge and settlement process to the next level, we have developed the Westernacher Instant Innovation Tool TINA – “Transportation Invoicing Assistant”. Your invoice verification in SAP TM will run with a high degree of automation and become much more efficient.

Westernacher Driver Application

Based on SAP TM.
Are your drivers an important factor in your logistics chain? Then the Westernacher Driver Application can fill a crucial gap. It can run on a variety of devices and guides drivers or subcontracted carriers through the individual transportation execution process based on data coming from your SAP TM system.


Westernacher Collaboration Platform
Our Westernacher Collaboration Platform offers a state-of-the-art user experience in connecting your SAP TM solution with your team and your partners to execute your transportation processes.

Logistics network integration

Your global network link.
Westernacher has established connectivity and integration with a vast network of partners in logistics. This experience ranges from visibility partners to clearing functionality, quoting, booking, agencies, and supply chain intelligence. In addition, we use the Westernacher Mediator as our own middleware platform to integrate a variety of electronic message providers and consumers.

Let's work together.

Transportation Management

TINA – The Transportation Invoicing Assistant.

Gain full control over your payments to your transportation partners.

Payments can be a real challenge due to the variety of fee identification, mismatching amounts, non-understandable identifications, and methods of invoice consolidation. Westernacher’s Transportation Invoicing Assistant helps you to solve this task with a high level of automation before you need to transfer your charges from SAP TM into your ERP system.

Invoice matching in the right place at the right time.

Our TINA add-on becomes part of your SAP TM system (SAP TM on S/4 HANA or as a standalone version). It is directly integrated with your charge calculation on the supplier side (freight orders and bookings) and verifies and corrects your calculated cost before your need to transfer it to SAP ERP. With TINA, transportation invoice verification becomes a part of your logistics process and is under the control of the logistics team in charge of your partner collaboration. It does not need to be done by your financial department.

Benefits of Westernacher’s Transportation Invoicing Assistant.

Error prevention

TINA offers a high level of error prevention due to its automated invoice verification.

Automatic charge matching

Consolidated invoices, combined charges, renamed cost types, or multiple charge references (e.g., reference number, bill of lading number, etc.) are no problem for TINA’s  intelligent charge matching technique. Your logistics partners’ invoices will be flexibly matched with your SAP TM freight charges.

Increased effectiveness

More effective verification and control processes result in long term cost savings. They substantially reduced manual efforts for invoice verification.

Seamless integration

TINA offers a high level of error prevention due to automated invoice verification that is seamlessly integrated into your SAP TM process and can be adapted to a variety of input channels for carrier invoices.

Transportation Management

Westernacher Driver Application – Broad options for communication, guidance, and feedback.

Are your drivers an important factor in your logistics chain? Then the Westernacher Driver Application can fill a crucial gap. It can run on a variety of devices and guides drivers or subcontracted carriers through the individual transportation execution process based on data coming from your SAP TM system.

Comprehensive insight.

The Westernacher Driver Application enables an authorized user to collect receive and view comprehensive information on orders coming from your SAP TM. This not only contains information on goods to be transported and locations / times to be visited but also allows you to transmit details on required services to be provided, e.g., installation services for goods that are delivered.

Comprehensive guidance.

As our driver app integrates with your smart phones navigation tool, your driver can use their device to directly trigger a navigation process from the order and get guidance on the best route to reach the next destination. The destinations and sequence of orders can be changed as required in the individual tour.

Comprehensive communication.

With each order, the driver gets information on contacting the customer. Communication details or contacting hints can be displayed and directly used, e.g., to call the customer once the driver has arrived at the delivery location.

Comprehensive reporting.

The Westernacher Driver App offers a broad set of capabilities to report on activities. It allows you to send tracking events and enables registration of electronic proof of delivery including signatures and photos, confirmation of delivered or rejected services, scanning of bar codes, and reporting of work hours. All that is done with a tight integration into data exchange with your SAP TM backend.
All data can be collected to build the score cards of your carriers / drivers and other analytical decision support tools.

Benefits of Westernacher’s Driver Application.

Order transparency
Drivers get transparency about their orders, services to be delivered, customer contact details, and routes to their delivery locations.
Order reporting
Information on success and failure of the delivery process can be registered comprehensively and immediately via a variety of channels. The information can be used for analytical purposes.


Transportation Management

WCP Westernacher Collaboration Platform – Access your transportation community.

Westernacher Consulting offers a state-of-the-art platform to link your SAP TM solution to all parties and employees in the field, who need your transportation at their fingertips. It is designed as an open tool, which can be adjusted and enhanced to your needs when offering portal functionality like tendering, track&trace, dock appointment scheduling, invoicing, analytics, or others.

Extensive capabilities.

The Westernacher WCP offers extensive capabilities across a variety of functional areas, that are of high importance for collaboration with your internal teams and employees of your logistics partners. We can provide access to the portal functions for all modes of transport and for the integration of a variety of technologies that can contribute to your logistics processes.

State-of-the-art technology.

The WCP has deep collaboration and integration capabilities to your SAP TM solution and to the communication methods and preferences of your logistics partners. A role-based collaboration portal for carriers is available with extended features based on SAP back-end functionality. Our WCP is easily extendable for supplier and customer collaboration and compatible with all SAP TM versions. Westernacher Consulting can provide it on a variety of cloud-based platforms. It uses SAP HANA and SAP Fiori techniques to achieve comprehensive real time collaboration and reporting on a variety of front ends.

Benefits of Westernacher’s Collaboration Platform.


Tendering and communication with your carriers and partners goes beyond the known limits as it can be used for any mode of transportation and can be enhanced to integrate individual requested functions that are necessary to manage your logistics business.

Tracking &
Technologies offered by SAP Event Management or SAP Global Track and Trace can be provided to your partner ecosystem by linking it through our Westernacher Collaboration Platform.
Dock appointment scheduling

Westernacher Consulting offers a solution for dock appointment scheduling as part of WCP to enable your partners and employees to book and use your docking capacity optimally in your logistics processes.


The Westernacher Transportation Invoicing Assistant (TINA) can be integrated and exposed via WCP to your collaborating partners, e.g. for invoice upload or mobile invoice verification.


The WCP offers access to your analytics data on-premise or via SAP Analytics Cloud.

Transportation Management

Logistics Network Integration – The link to your global logistics network.

Westernacher Consulting has established connectivity to and integration with a vast network of partners in logistics. This experience ranges from visibility partners to clearing functionality, quoting, booking, agencies, and supply chain intelligence.

In addition, we use the Westernacher Mediator as our own middleware platform to integrate a variety of electronic message providers and consumers.

General visibility integration

Based on SAP TM, SAP Event Management, and SAP Global Track and Trace, Westernacher Consulting has implemented various integrations of visibility services like FourKites, Project44, Railinc, ClearMetal, UberFreight and others. And the community is growing.

Booking platform and rate & quotation services

Westernacher Consulting can provide a variety of integration services to booking platforms like Descartes, Inttra, Seeburger, or Infor Nexus. Regarding rates and quotes, we can offer you integrations to services like Webcargo, SMC3, or Freightos.

Westernacher eXpress

For shipping via KEP services, the Westernacher eXpress asset allows you to easily link your logistics execution to third-party express and parcel carriers like DHL Express, Fedex, UPS, DPD, GLS, and others.

Westernacher Mediator

For specific requirements in electronic communications, our Westernacher Communicator can help you to establish and run dedicated connections with a network of partners adhering to individual standards. Many mappings and connections are already predefined and can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Benefits of Westernacher Network Integration.


Westernacher Consulting can connect you to the network of your choice. Whether you need a network partner of a dedicated connection, Westernacher Consulting has the tools and the knowledge to integrate your logistics processes.

Variety of logistics network assets

Besides our predefined integration techniques, we can offer our own assets like the Westernacher Mediator or our eXpress solution to kick-start your logistics network integration.


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