Streamline and simplify your warehouse operations.

EWM Insights based on SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to easily monitor your warehouse operations. Disruptions in your warehouse operations can significantly impact your revenue. To avoid unsatisfied customers, delayed delivery and stock issues, you need insights as early as possible. You want to deal with situations proactively, just when they arise or even before, to be ahead of the competition. You need insights and an overview of the health status of your warehouses as early as possible.

Warehousing software does not always deliver such insights easily, as it is designed to organize and map processes and not to measure its performance. Large amounts of data are being generated and processed here, but within this data jungle it is hard to keep hold of the big picture. Key performance indicators that monitor the health of your warehouse need to be easy-to-read and accessible for all key players. It is important to have the right information at the right time in the right hands.

A new way to approach things. Your business benefits.

  • The innovative approach includes all warehouse operations
  • One shared, central data pool and well defined processes facilitate decision making
  • Facilitates collaboration between all functional areas in preventing and resolving operational disruptions
  • Westernacher has a practical approach for optimizing and safeguarding your warehouse operations

Webinar recording

Get to know our KPI dashboard.

With our EWM Insights and analytic application, we can turn your warehouse into a proactive environment, highlighting issues as they are occurring, or about to occur, and therefore improving efficiency within the warehouse.

This application can help you monitor your efficiency, capacity and delivery capability on one big screen and, depending on your system landscape, even in real-time. Our 30-minute webinar can show you how to avoid hiccups (or hiccoughs) in your warehouse operations with this analytical application.

Key takeaways

  • EWM Insights is an analytical application offered by Westernacher, based on SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Identify issues immediately and safeguard your delivery capability
  • A defined set of KPIs make running your warehouse operations easier
  • You don’t necessarily need to build up a data warehouse for achieving this

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