International SAP Rollout.

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Supply chains and target markets are increasingly global. Not only do you need to be able to source, produce and sell in all regions of the world, but you also need processes and information to flow seamlessly. In such a setting, large synergies and efficiency gains can be achieved by a global use of IT applications. Thus, existing processes are used that are already proven, enabling business growth on a stable, transparent and solid basis. This can either be implemented by using a central globally integrated SAP solution or by a rolling out a template to the individual locations.

Our approach.

Requirements analysis
Rollout plan
Process mapping
Process adaption
Harmonization & consolidation of processes
Country specific & legal
adjustments and extensions
Finance & accounting
Import & export
Local taxes
Data migration
Harmonization & consolidation of master data
End-user training
Go-live support
on-site support
Documentation and translation

Key challenges.

Global standardization intuitively makes sense, as it can generate considerable efficiencies and cost savings by standardizing functional and technical practices across the company’s operations.
However, companies can still encounter significant challenges in standardizing even when using a strong enabler such as a global SAP solution. For instance, highly diverse business units or geographies, or those used to a high degree of autonomy, can be resistant to adopting a global template because they interpret standardization as a loss of local control.
Thus, each organization must draw the line on what will be standard and common and what will be allowed to be unique and local or managed outside the global template.

Reap the rewards of a global standard.

We speak your language.

We are your trusted partner who can speak both your and the local language, both the IT and business language and who understands the requirements of the rollout location as well as the objectives of the headquarters. Westernacher Consulting can get it done efficiently and well.
Through our global presence we can guarantee quality, consistency and cost effectiveness at home and abroad. Westernacher Consulting operates as one global, seamless team which is just what you need to get your processes and systems running smoothly and efficiently on a global scale.

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