Sustainability Analytics.

Climate change is a central challenge of our times. Our customers are already facing obligations to create transparency in their impact on sustainability, be it towards customers, partners, institutions or governmental organizations.

Westernacher guides you in how to identify your emission sources, put them into the correct scope buckets and calculate your carbon footprint with the CO2 Monitor.

Scope 1

Direct emissions

Scope 2

Indirect emissions

Scope 3

Value chain related emissions
Sustainability Analytics Dashboard
Simulate your measures to reduce your emissions with SAP Analytics Cloud.
Sustainability Analytics Dashboard

Discover the value of Sustainability Analytics.

How real-time reporting and machine learning supported CO2 planning enhance your company’s decarbonization strategy.
White paper

Innovation meets inspiration.

Practical Guide Part 1: How to set up a Corporate Carbon Footprint with SAP S/4HANA and SAC.

Practical Guide Part 2: How to create your carbon footprint monitor.

Practical Guide Part 3: How to integrate CO2 reporting and planning.

But we do not stop here. It is clear to us that sustainability is the third decision layer alongside operations and finance. We enable our customers to have full transparency on all three decision levels in order to take decisive actions. Therefore, we enhance our real-time supply chain dashboards with sustainability related information such as emission sources (inbound or outbound). Just as with any financial accounting exercise, you need to calculate your carbon costs as you do with your financial costs. And you should be able to simulate impacts – yours and those of your partners in your value chain – and optimize for efficiency.
Establish quick wins with Westernacher.

Time-to-Value Solutions for Sustainability Analytics.

Fast Solution
“Discovery Workshop”

Creating your roadmap to higher sustainability

  • Identification of emission sources
  • Clustering of emissions according to Greenhouse
    Gas Protocol (GHG) into Scope 1-3
  • Roadmap creation for CO2 reporting
Fast Solution
“Carbon Insights”

Transparency on your way to higher sustainability

  • Carbon Footprint Monitor in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Integration of SAP S/4 HANA with SAC
  • Simple integration of non-SAP data and conversion factors
Fast Solution
“Get officially certified”

Get your corporate carbon footprint certified

  • Support of data preparation and quality assurance before certification
  • Report on pre-certification status
  • Support auditing process
Basic Solution
“Your Net Zero strategy”

Take action to improve your carbon footprint

  • Value Driver tree in SAC to simulate future footprint
  • Incl. simulation of impacts from supplier’s CO2 programs
  • Tailored recommendations

Sustainability Analytics Insights.

Blog article
How we became carbon neutral – in record time.
How to make smart decisions with Sustainability Analytics.
How to validate your carbon footprint.
How SAC and Westernacher can help you to become carbon neutral.
How to get carbon neutral with SAC and Westernacher.
White papers
Sustainable manufacturing: A path to ecological production.
Sustainability roadmap with an integrated planning solution.
Sustainability Analytics: How to set up a Corporate Carbon Footprint with SAP S/4HANA and SAC. – Part 1
Sustainability Analytics: How to create your carbon footprint monitor. – Part 2
Sustainability Analytics: How to integrate the reporting and planning of your carbon emissions into your company. – Part 3

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