Unify demand, supply chain and financial data to drive maximum business value. Business under fast moving conditions demands greater agility. Companies are challenged to renew and adopt their planning processes due to: Increasing demand volatility. Growing supply chain complexity. Increasing number of stakeholders in the planning process. Massive amount of data that needs to be quickly analyzed. This steadily increases the importance of reliable computing capabilities.

The complexity of supply chain planning is rapidly increasing.

In times of expanding, complex supply chains, effective, data-driven supply chain planning is now more critical than ever to create a resilient company. For some, planning may not seem like a compelling investment because forecasts can be inaccurate and plans can go differently than expected. However, here’s the truth: With supply chain planning, companies do not create predictions but install the right skillset, systems, and processes to deal with the future, whether it be risks or opportunities. We think there is always some of both.

Turn complexity into an
opportunity for you business.

4 steps. Turn today's complexity into your advantage.

Set the
right goals.

One of the chief reasons that companies introduce new planning processes is to get people out of their silos and working together. This means that key performance indicators (KPIs) must be calibrated to reflect shared goals. We are working with our clients to create win-win scenarios for the relevant stakeholders.

Invest in

The main focus should be on the mindset of the people and the processes. Often, however, we see that the focus goes into the system implementation while the change management aspect of the implementation is neglected.

your processes.

We often see the need, not only to balance demand and supply, but also to align across different regions. Also, we recommend integrating your product life cycle management (PLM) process and financial planning into a holistic planning process.

Establish a

Too many IT platforms make it quite challenging to define an aligned planning approach due to the different processes and data standards. A technology roadmap for your system of records, system of differentiation, and system of innovation needs to be devised and managed effectively.


years of expertise


number of engagements

Our customer engagement model.

The value we bring to our customers is to develop best-fit processes and solutions in the customer-specific environment.
We have developed a point of view, for the different processes in planning, based on the literature of our influencers, but also to reflect on our lessons learned and best practice experience.

As an implementation partner, we are collaborating with our customers, translating our points of view and experience into better process performance. We believe a successful implementation needs to focus on process, tool and change management in an integrated approach, ensuring that the initial pain points stay resolved in the long-term.

Would you like to know more about our structured approach to S&OP? Contact us and get your copy of our “Point of view” today.

We focus on integrated processes.

Sales & Operational Planning
Inventory Optimization
Demand Sensing
Master Scheduling
Detailed Scheduling
Response Management (ATP)
Supply Chain Control Tower (SCPA)
Planning with Westernacher: Integrated Processes

SAP IBP consists of different applications that can also be deployed independently.

Westernacher has a long and successful history of implementing tailored integrated planning solutions with SAP toolsets. As a trusted SAP partner, we were involved in the early deployment of SAP in 2014. To date, we can leverage from multiple IBP implementations and proof of concepts in all IBP modules. We can provide references upon request.

Planning with Westernacher: Control Tower

How does SAP IBP add value to your APO.

IBP will become an important element in many company strategies. The old S&OP processes may need to be reviewed, to consider not only Demand and Supply, but also additional information, such as R&D, marketing and financial figures to better support strategic decisions (the objective of “Integrated” Business Planning).Essentially, companies that successfully execute IBP achieve greater operational and financial benefits than those that do not. To read the full white paper, please click the button below to download a copy.

Westernacher White paper: How does SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) add value to your Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO)?

No part, no service. An efficient and reliable spare parts operation is the key determinant of success for your after-sales service business. In after-sales businesses, spare parts planning plays a key role when it comes to:Continuously achieving the required service levels. Managing the warehouse and logistics operations at the lowest cost possible. Maximizing the efficiency factor of the processing.

To achieve this, best-in-class processes are required that are supported by suitable IT systems and process specialists.

SAP Service Parts Planning. Optimal parts availability in the entire network.

SAP Service Parts Planning with Westernacher Consulting

Since 2005, Westernacher has been supporting companies in the spare parts logistics business with the creation of concepts and prototypes and with the implementation of SAP systems. In the spare parts planning sector, we primarily work with the Service Parts Planning (SPP) solution developed by SAP for forecasting, inventory planning, procurement and distribution of large volumes of service parts while maintaining targeted service levels. SAP has announced that this application will be available on SAP S/4HANA, making it ideal for companies that distribute large volumes of aftermarket service parts to numerous stocking locations.

If you’re a big picture guy, you’re not in the picture. Retail is detail.
James Sinegal, Co-founder and CEO of Costco

Retail merchandise planning. Improve the profitability of a retail business by optimizing the planning process.

Effective planning raises margins by optimizing sales potential and minimizing stock issues. Whilst sales potential has always been the focus of the company, inventory optimization in particular can release significant untapped potential. Avoiding lost sales due to sold-out goods (stock out) or of excess inventory (over-stocking) that can only be sold through price reductions provides a direct and lasting contribution to improved margins.

SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) provides a common foundation and a harmonized multichannel transaction data model for all consuming applications.

Multichannel sales repository.
Basis for multichannel transaction and inventory visibility analysis.
The data stored in CAR is made available for analysis through virtual data models (VDMs) and the HANA database responds in near real-time.
Demand data foundation.
Provides the planning and analysis capabilities based on a proprietary data model, data import infrastructure, and mass maintenance tools.
Unified demand forecast.
Provides the modeling and forecasting services to the consuming applications.

When it comes to planning systems, Westernacher has many years of expertise and proven references with which to meet the demands of an effective retail planning system.

SAP Analytics Cloud. Strategy, financials, budgets, workforce.

  • Strategic / Long-term Planning
  • Finance Plan
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Liquidity Planning
  • Workforce planning
Requirements of modern business planning:
  • Real-time simulation and version management
  • Web-based-UI with best-in-class data visualization techniques
  • Excel-based UI
  • Distribution, allocation and forecasting functions
  • Process steering support and process tracking
  • Collaboration
  • Integration of actual data from any source
Planning with Westernacher: SAP Analytics Cloud

It all starts with a workshop.

Inspiration Day

A unique opportunity for your company to gather all relevant leaders and specialists for an inspirational, interactive and hands-on workshop.

Business Case

With a business case any implementation program will achieve higher standard through better focus, coordinated organization and target-oriented executions.


Realize a solution prototype based on customer data.
Evaluate solution based on customer proof points.
Focus on users and processes.


Westernacher recommends an agile implementation approach based on our key success factors.

Let's work together.

SAP S/4HANA ERP & Finance

Basic workshop.

Reinvent yourself. See what is possible with S/4HANA.
This workshop is designed for decision-makers from business and IT who want to get a first basic overview of fundamental innovations, functions and technology of SAP S/4HANA.
SAP S/4HANA is currently intensely under discussion, there are lots of sometimes confusing information about S/4HANA. It is difficult to find out what S/4HANA really means for current and future SAP customers. Find the right answer for your company in our individual expert discussions and get the information you need to define your companies IT-strategy.

Goals. Expectations. Lessons.

Your individual workshop program.
  • What is S/4HANA?
  • What does it mean for your company?
  • What innovations does S/4HANA really have, what significance do they have for your company, processes and IT?
  • What is the best way to implement S/4HANA
  • On Premise or Cloud – which model fits your strategy?
  • How are S/4HANA projects planned and implemented successfully?

Your workshop details.

Get more information about your workshop and register now for free.


We will contact you directly to find the most suitable date for your workshop day.


We are happy to conduct the workshop on your premises or in our training rooms.


Please contact us for your individual workshop offer.

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