SAP Business Network for Logistics.

Supply chains are more vulnerable and stressed than ever, with companies facing uncertainty and unpredictable market volatility today. Logistics is what interconnects the entire process. That’s why visibility into order and shipments is increasing in importance not only for shippers, but also for carriers and customers. You can’t control what you can’t see, hence the first step to tackle inefficiencies is to have real-time access to data representing roadblocks. With SAP Business Network for Logistics, visibility of physical logistics processes helps to steer the entire supply chain, ensuring faster and accurate decision-making at any time at all levels, intra- and cross-company.
On the other hand, a lack of visibility creates internal and external inefficiencies in warehousing, fleet, yard, and transportation operations both inbound and outbound, and leads to increased transportation costs (e.g., carrier waiting times, demurrages, customer fines).

Next-level supply chain visibility with SAP Business Network for Logistics.

Are you a shipper who wants to

  • Improve internal efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction by better delivery performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline and digitalize communication
  • Optimize inventory stock
  • Decrease logistics costs (avoid penalties due to long waiting times or late deliveries)
  • Establish an easy way of carrier interaction

Are you a carrier/transport company who wants to

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Optimize routes
  • Increase assets utilization
  • Minimize waiting times at loading/unloading sites
  • Have greater exposure to various shippers

Would you like your customer to

  • Have better delivery service
  • Receive delivery on-time / in full
  • Predict estimated time of arrival
We assist carriers with the on­boarding process. We walk you through all the necessary steps.

How to gain global visibility into your supply chain?

Get in touch with Westernacher Consulting if you want to:
Be able to answer your customers’ question: “When can I expect my delivery?”
Gain instant visibility of market prices.
Access vast and growing truck carrier networks.
Keep control of transportation processes even though these are outsourced.
Evolve from a reactive to proactive supply chain.
Have real-time insights and predictive ETAs.
Improve risk management by early acknowledgement and reaction.
Gain full transparency through logistics execution including delivery and multi-modal shipments.
Westernacher Consulting links your processes to optimal solutions and partners. Whether you need a network partner or a dedicated connection, we have the tools and the knowledge to integrate your logistics processes. We connect you with a network of your choice adhering to individual standards. Many mappings and connections are already predefined and can be adjusted to your specific needs. Westernacher Consulting rapidly deploys state-of-the-art supply chain visibility solutions to shorten implementation timelines and provide immediate value to your business.
Transform fragmented supply chains into a resilient and collaborative eco-system by joining SAP Business Network for Logistics.

What is SAP Business Network for Logistics?

SAP Business Network for Logistics is a one-stop shop that brings all logistics partners together, enabling next-level collaboration, process orchestration, and greater visibility with suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics providers, and other business partners across the supply chain network. SAP Business Network for Logistics is an open, cloud-based, and secure platform, transforming fragmented supply chains into unified, collaborative, and intelligent networks. It is available as software as a service (SaaS) so you can access it from any web browser.

These modules break up silos and use the network to connect and exchange information throughout the complete supply chain:

  • Business Network for Logistics – Freight Collaboration
  • Business Network for Logistics – Global Track & Trace
  • Business Network for Logistics – Material Traceability
  • Business Network for Logistics – Intelligent Insights 

What are the four modules?

What are the key capabilities of Business Network for Logistics?

Each of these four solutions focuses on different aspects of visibility and information exchange in supply chain execution:

Freight Collaboration

Freight Collaboration focuses on collaboration, through tendering, subcontracting, order coordination, document exchange, dock appointment scheduling and standardized visibility via a collaboration portal, connecting shippers with logistics partners.

Global Track & Trace

Global Track & Trace is about visibility, not primarily as a platform provider, rather as a business enabler for transparency into inventory and order fulfillment, shipment tracking and custom scenarios for end-to-end visibility, allowing exception-based management.


Material Traceability ensures traceability of materials, leveraging blockchain technology.


Intelligent Insights is a highly customizable data visualization and reporting platform across regions, networks, and applications that provides situational awareness of global supply chain movements and real-time insights on your supply chain execution performance.

What are the main benefits of SAP Business Network for Logistics?


Improve logistics processes.

  • Break up silos and offer advanced insights
  • Onboard once and collaborate with all network participants and networks
  • Discover new trading partners and business opportunities
  • Improve efficiency via real-time, automated supply chain collaboration and situational insights

Leverage expertise.

  • Embrace mode-specific and regional expertise for B2B connectivity, IoT integration and risks
  • Easily access excess freight capacity through digital forwarders (Uberfreight, Instafreight…)

Cut cost of integration.

  • Instantly connect with pre-boarded networks for multiple modes of transport (P44, Shippeo, FourKites, FarEye …)
  • Reduce integration costs thanks to out-of-box integration and open APIs

Customer satisfaction.

  • Evaluate customer satisfaction by capturing structured feedback (Qualtrics)

Westernacher Consulting implemented the first Business Networks for Logistics Freight Collaboration and Global Track & Trace projects in 2020 and can share unique insights into this new network as well as offer an individual implemen­ta­tion package for you and your company.

Being one of the first B2B carrier integrations into the Business Network for Logistics Freight Collaboration network. World’s first Business Network for Logistics API implementation.

Together with visibility vendors we tackle real supply chain challenges.

We connect your systems to the SAP Business Network for Logistics via standard or custom interfaces to create a more robust network. Westernacher Consulting has established and worked with several network solutions, offering in-depth know-how with the solutions as well as our own portal option in case you would prefer a more individual solution.

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