Driving value with digital transformation.

Digital transformation is the key to unlocking your business’s potential and gaining a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world. It’s about rethinking traditional processes and integrating digital technologies into various aspects of your business to enhance customer experiences, streamline your processes and increase efficiency.
With a long track record of successful SAP implementations across a range of industries, Westernacher Consulting understands the unique needs and goals of each customer and creates customized and sustainable solutions that not only drive growth and operational efficiency but also empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Your digital transformation powerhouse.

  • Top E2E digital transformation SAP partner for mid-size enterprises
  • Strategic digital transformation roadmaps and deployment
  • Leading SAP Signavio partner
  • Focus on Top Line, Bottom Line and Green Line optimization
  • First SAP S/4HANA cloud offering

The three dimensions of successful digital transformation.

To unleash the full potential of a modern enterprise application that gives you the “unfair advantage” and turn you into an intelligent enterprise, you need consultants who understand and address all three dimensions of digital transformation. At Westernacher, we connect these dimensions, providing the strategic guidance of WHY to pursue transformation, expert advice on the HOW to achieve it and a proven track record of successful implementation of WHAT works best for your unique needs and goals.
The WHY –
connecting purpose to strategy
Having a clear purpose is essential as it is the driving force behind any successful endeavor. The best-in-class implementations of enterprises are based on their strategic goals and identifying the capabilities required to overcome industry challenges and outperform the competition. Digital transformation consultants play a vital role in bridging the gap between organization’s purpose and strategy by suggesting and implementing digital tools and technologies that can help attain the desired goals.
– implementing SAP solutions
To achieve the best-in-class performance, organizations must connect next-gen application capabilities with their strategy and challenges and prioritize effective benefits. This involves leveraging SAP solutions to optimize business processes, improve operational efficiency and drive innovation. Implementing SAP solutions can help organizations stay agile and resilient to changing marketing conditions and create new business opportunities.
The HOW –
maximizing value with the
right approach
Best-in-class adopters understand the importance of the “right approach” to fully leverage technology benefits and ensure their investments are worthwhile. With extensive experience and profound knowledge of the best practices of all transition options, Westernacher digital transformation experts can advise customers on their best-fit approach and build a roadmap that considers all three perspectives.

The three metrics for successful digital transformation.

To realize significant benefits from digital transformation, it is essential to balance the top, bottom and green lines optimally. Many market players concentrate primarily on bottom-line optimization, which results in marginal benefits for the adopters. At Westernacher, we focus on these three optimization areas when guiding customers through their transformation journey in an effective, efficient and sustainable way.
Digital Transformation with Westernacher Consulting - Optimal Balance
Top Line:
growth and adaptability
Top Line optimization ensures growth and adaptability by creating new revenue streams and increasing opportunities for upsell and cross-sell. It also helps in expanding the portfolio of products and services and generating more service revenue. Effective implementation of digital technologies enables businesses to do things they were not able to do before.


  • Increase in revenue from new products & services
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Increase in employee engagement
  • Improvement in overall equipment effectiveness
  • Increase in forecast accuracy
  • Improvement in return on assets
Bottom Line:
operational efficiency
Bottom Line optimization aims at improving operational efficiency by reducing costs, optimizing R&D spend, accelerating processes and automating tasks. This optimization helps businesses become better at what they are doing, and free up resources that can be used to drive growth initiatives.


  • Reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Reduction in days in inventory
  • Reduction in asset maintenance costs
  • Reduction in total logistics costs
  • Reduction in days sales outstanding
  • Reduction in manufacturing cycle time
  • Improvement of sourcing savings on direct spend
Green Line:
Green Line optimization focuses on sustainability by adding an ecological angle to the value chain. This optimization ensures transparency concerning the use of natural resources, available alternatives, suppliers and transportation, helping customers become more sustainable and responsible towards the environment.


  • Improvement in product compliance
  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Reduction in EH&S penalties
    and fines
  • Reduction in lost time accident frequency
  • Reduction in carbon footprint

6 steps to achieving digital transformation.

The Westernacher digital transformation methodology is designed to help adopters of SAP solutions take maximum advantage of digitalization. Our approach is centered around aligning the implementation initiatives as closely as possible with the customer’s strategy, challenges and potentials. By leveraging our expertise and experience in both digital transformation and SAP solutions, you will achieve your digital transformation goals efficiently and effectively.

Digital transformation with Westernacher Consulting.
Step 1

Set the right mindset.

Get information on the context, SAP strategy, best practices of best-in-class SAP adopters and the mechanisms with which SAP solutions generate benefits for their adopters.

Digital transformation with Westernacher Consulting.
Step 2
Process discovery to prepare the right approach.

Build a process map and distinguish between commodity processes and differentiating processes. Identify scope Items and leverage tools such as SAP Signavio for SAP S/4HANA Process Discovery.
Digital transformation with Westernacher Consulting.
Step 3
Define the purpose.

Identify the foremost strategic goals and challenges through a workshop with Westernacher to gain insights from an industry point of view.
Digital transformation with Westernacher Consulting.
Step 4
Define the necessary capabilities to reach goals.

Derive the capabilities required for differentiating processes based on industry premises and technology benefits. A capability refers to a combination of features, functions and technologies that enable customers to implement their strategies successfully.
Digital transformation with Westernacher Consulting.
Step 5
Build an architecture and roadmap.

Prioritize capabilities and build an architecture of SAP applications that provide the features and functions to support those capabilities. Develop a roadmap to guide the implementation of the SAP architecture.
Digital transformation with Westernacher Consulting.
Step 6
Calculate Rough Order of Magnitude.

Get a general idea of the size or cost of your project before diving into detailed planning by calculating Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM). ROM estimates are useful in the early stages of project planning and can give you a general sense of how your project might look and what resources you will need to bring it to fruition.

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