Highly efficient yard with SAP Yard Logistics.

Process orders faster, more accurately. Move goods. Satisfy customers. Whether warehouses, terminals, or yards, SAP Yard Logistics optimizes warehouse and transportation processes in your company. This improves efficiency and reduces costs. Increased visibility with real-time information about the location, movement, and availability of goods not only facilitates decision making. With SAP YL, you boost your customer satisfaction because deliveries can be made more promptly and much more accurately.

What is SAP YL?

SAP Yard Logistics (SAP YL) is a solution designed to streamline and manage all yard-related tasks in your supply chain. Serving as a central hub for yard management, SAP YL enables businesses to improve their logistical operations. With this innovative and robust solution you can bring transformative changes to your yard management. By leveraging SAP YL, businesses can enhance visibility, improve efficiency, and maintain control over their yard operations, ultimately leading to significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.
SAP YL is an integral part of SAP Digital Supply Chain solutions. It is designed to optimize complex logistics processes by managing all activities within a transport yard, including check-in, parking and staging, dock assignment, loading and unloading, and check-out.
Optimize your yard operations to streamline your supply chain. With SAP Yard Logistics.

What are the features of SAP Yard Logistics?

Yard Planning & Scheduling
SAP YL enables businesses to efficiently plan and schedule yard activities. It supports the allocation of yard resources, such as parking spaces, dock doors and equipment.
Gate & Yard Check-In / Out
Facilitate the check-in and check-out process for trucks, trailers and other assets entering or leaving the yard. It automates the registration, validation, documentation of inbound and outbound movements.
Yard Execution & Operations
Real-time visibility to manage the movement of goods within the yard, allocate parking spaces and coordinate with drivers and yard personnel.
Yard Resource Optimization
Optimize the utilization of yard resources. It considers factors such as capacity constraints, equipment availability and priorities to allocate resources efficiently.
Reporting & Analytics
SAP YL offers reporting and analytics capabilities to monitor yard performance and KPIs. Analyze your yard operations, identify bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions for improvement.
Integration with external systems
SAP YL can be integrated with transportation management, warehouse management systems and enterprise resource planning systems.
Mobile Support
SAP YL supports mobile devices, allowing yard operators and personnel to access and update information in real time.
Digitized yard processes help you to visualize and monitor your yard by tracking and tracing all operations. Let your yard do more for you.

What are the benefits of SAP Yard Logistics?

Enhanced Visibility
SAP YL provides real-time insight into all yard activities. This increased visibility allows businesses to track their assets, monitor the status of deliveries, and ensure that operations are running smoothly.
Improved Efficiency
By automating manual processes, SAP YL can significantly reduce waiting times, expedite loading and unloading processes, and improve overall yard throughput.
Greater Control
SAP YL provides complete control over yard operations. It allows businesses to plan, execute, and monitor all yard activities from a single platform.
Compliance and Safety
SAP YL assists in ensuring regulatory compliance by providing detailed documentation and record-keeping. It also helps enhance safety by managing the movement of vehicles and equipment within the yard.

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