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Innovations for modern logistics.

Thanks to booming e-commerce and globalization, the logistics industry has become the backbone of the economy. In an environment with customers’ increasing internationalization and rising demand in full-packaged services, logistics service providers today are grappling with new challenges that might boost or impede their success in the market. Besides the traditional transport and logistics services, logistics service providers are required to offer more – handling of procurement and distribution tenders, contract and order management, the entire transportation planning, etc.
To meet these requirements, logistics service providers must revamp their organization, automate their processes and rely on innovative solutions. We grew up with logistics and have mastered complex logistics processes, starting with warehouse management to distribution and transportation. We have successfully made the business of logistics service providers more efficient through innovative solutions and processes, implementing the best-fit SAP solutions and organizational development.

Cutting-edge platform for global logistics.

We provided international third-party logistics providers with forefront transportation and warehousing solutions. At a German logistics company, we completed an SAP TM implementation project with integration to SAP ERP (SD, MM, EH&S, FICO, EAM) for products, resources and invoice processing, along with integration of Trimble Telematics via SAP EM across all processes. Westernacher’s invoice verification tool TINA was also incorporated as an add-on.

As a result, the logistics company improved overall visibility and reduced administrative costs by automated charge calculation of transportation and warehouse services. We enabled end-to-end warehouse processing and transportation planning within one SAP system landscape.

We also helped another global contract logistics service provider attain higher transparency and improved efficiency with the implementation of SAP EWM. The EWM template was rolled out to or than 50 warehouses in record time – one warehouse went live with the solution in only a few months. The implementation of Westernacher Warehouse Billing Solution also ensured consistent and efficient billing of services. Not only was the logistics service provider now better able to connect with its customers, the new system also ensured it had the required flexibility to adapt to shifts in a competitive market.

Templates for successful logistics.

In addition to SAP standard solutions and implementation standards, Westernacher has developed logistics service provider templates or modules. These include specific SAP add-ons for logistics service providers and tools that enable logistics service providers to accelerate typical processes. For example, we have templates for onboarding new warehouses or customers within days, which makes for very agile offerings at significantly reduced costs.

Connecting your transportation partners with eXpress.

Before sending packages or pallets from SAP EWM, ERP or TM, you first need an agreement with the respective CEP (courier, express and parcel) service provider. Each of these carriers will then have the data for the package, e.g. sender, recipient, size, weight, etc. to determine the label that should be applied.
Since interfaces to the carriers are not standardized, we need software that handles communication with the carriers and prints the labels. Additional services such as cancelation of parcels and Track & Trace to shipping should also be implemented.
In light of this, Westernacher has developed a solution called eXpress that makes the complete handling of shipping possible from within your SAP system. Seamlessly and smoothly because our solution is completely integrated in SAP.

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