Kick your warehouse operations up a notch. With We scan | UI5.

Make your warehouse run smoothly and efficiently with our Westernacher We scan | UI5 for EWM. Use guided UI5 screens to support faultless operations. Our latest innovative development, running on either Android or iOS, brings an exceptional user experience to your warehouse. We scan covers all processes within your warehouse operations.
Westernacher We Scan UI5 application SAP EWM

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Westernacher We Scan UI5 application SAP EWM
We scan | UI5 and SAP EWM work together for you to get the most out of your warehouse. Our application, which runs the RF application from SAP, brings additional features such as photo capture and live video calling with a full support application.
The UI5 framework enables screens to be rearranged with ease and eliminates the need for function keys as all actions are touch enabled – bringing an unrivalled user experience with SAP EWM and the RF application.

Features that enhance user satisfaction.

Responsive and intuitive UI

Improved performance enables you to work more quickly and efficiently on any device.

Westernacher We Scan UI5 application SAP EWM

Mobile friendly

Our mobile applications are available for Apple and Android based devices. The iOS application is written in the Native SWIFT UI. Android devices can get a -tailored APK with your very own branding.

Multiple styles. New sound effect.

You can create multiple styles for different user groups. New sound effects will guide users through operations, and they will receive real-time alerting upon successfully executing an operation or if there is an error.

Westernacher We Scan UI5 application SAP EWM

Touch screen

Touch screen enables you to give the device commands with a simple tap or swipe of the finger. Pinch open and close to zoom in and out. Everything you need at your fingertips.

Live video calling

The application integrates the MS Teams API that allows your users to call a predefined contact with just a click of a button.

Photo capture

Take photographs of damaged goods and goods after being loaded for the customer.


Thinking of training newcomers? This can be easily done with our We scan | UI5 multi-step tutorials.

Advanced solutions

Enjoy more advanced solutions for warehouse operations with the Westernacher smart glasses application. Benefit from the confirmation of warehouse tasks, KPIs, scanning of barcodes and voice recognition.

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