Connected Forklift

Take your warehouse to the next level.

The Connected Forklift solution on SAP connects all moving assets within a warehouse (such as forklifts or trolleys) to provide a holistic overview of live and historic operations through an integration of SAP IoT and SAP EWM. The essence of the solution is in leveraging indoor position data within the business context from the WMS system to increase process stability, transparency and automation.

Download our “Connected Forklift on SAP” pdf here.

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Main business benefits

Increased efficiency
Automatically monitor and confirm task completion through geofencing and immediately respond to errors.
Higher process stability
Increase transparency and be able to continuously identify and tackle errors and inefficiencies.
Increased process quality
Booking or handling errors will immediately be detected based on real-time tracking of forklifts and goods, leading to a reduced error rate.

Main features

Real-time position monitoring and geofencing
Indoor and outdoor position tracking of forklifts and its process integration with geofencing.
Real-time visibility and
Management and operational dashboards oversee all related processes and incidents as well as ensuring compliance at all times.
Tight integration into SAP (Extended) Warehouse Management
Integration into the end-to-end process by e.g. triggering postings in EWM when entering a specific geofence, alerting when warehouse tasks are violated, etc.

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