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Published on May 17, 2022 – Johannes Strasser, Solutions Consultant SAP S/4HANA Finance & Business Process Intelligence at Westernacher

Today’s fast changing business environment comes with the conditions to either win or lose market share. Pandemic. Lockdowns. Volatile markets. Inflation. Changing consumer behaviors. Shifts in priorities. Emerging technologies and trends. Geopolitical conflicts. Unclear developments. All this has happened over the past two years alone. Scary on the one hand, a beautiful challenge to tackle on the other hand. An opportunity. For you as a company. To win. To outperform. Let’s do this.

There are strong opportunities to unleash the full potential of your company and to outperform your competition despite heavy market conditions. SAP Signavio brings it all together in a holistic business transformation suite, harmonizing your business processes, data and systems while emphasizing the human aspect of your organization. As SAP Signavio lays the foundation for the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow, its solutions provide both next-gen and end-to-end capabilities for strategic business transformation and the reinvention of customer experiences. But let’s first understand the challenges of today’s business world in more detail.

The challenges of today’s business world

Our globalized world is so crazily fast moving that there is even a term for it – VUCA. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity as well as Ambiguity and represents the umbrella term for challenges businesses are facing today. Disruptions through new technologies and business models are additionally taking place in almost every imaginable business area. At the same time, we find increased complexity in terms of product variety, business processes and stakeholder relationships.

How to cope with all this? Quick adaptation, collaboration and transformation of the business strategy and its structures and processes. Successful companies of tomorrow yield competitive advantage by embracing transparency, automation, agility and improved decision-making. Smart technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) support organizations in pursuing this mission in order to sustainably drive real results in the era of Big Data and Industry 4.0. SAP therefore created a bundle of products, services and tools to support organizations with their digital transformation: RISE with SAP. The principal idea of RISE with SAP is to provide business transformation as a service, covering various areas including infrastructure, technology, applications and business processes.

In this newsletter series, we focus on the latter. SAP Signavio helps you to reach the next level regarding your business transformation while coping with these modern challenges.

How SAP Signavio can help

SAP Signavio provides a comprehensive portfolio to drive your business process transformation beyond functional silos. The holistic approach fully supports end-to-end transformation and process improvement initiatives while ensuring a seamless handover from process insights and guided recommendations to value-adding improvement actions.

SAP Signavio solutions represent the base for the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow. They allow you to chart your business transformation at your own speed and on your own terms, regardless of your starting point. It requires a solid understanding of your customers’ pain points, in-depth process analysis, benchmarking with your industry peers, process reimagination and a smooth collaboration of all involved parties, to name a few, in order to cope with the modern business challenges mentioned above. SAP Signavio is the first to bring all these components into a unified set of solutions, combining deep process analysis with the tools needed for process re-engineering or creating entirely new and innovative business processes. It covers business process design, benchmarking, gap analysis, improvement, and process change management – with the ultimate goal to reach your next level in today’s fast-moving world.

For example, you can secure instant value with SAP Process Insights: Quickly gain performance visibility, business process deep-dive with advanced analytics, as well as benefit from tailor-made improvement recommendations. For instance, if you find a key performance indicator (KPI) with an above-average “Days Sales Outstanding” you may view dedicated benchmark values from the industry and start working towards better management of receivables based on recommendations like the setup of automatic matching of incoming payments and invoices, credit management or dunning procedures.

With SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, you have the possibility to visualize your process reality: From running detailed process analysis for business transformations (S/4HANA migrations included), investigating and interacting with business data to leveraging process mining for fact-based changes in order to uncover the hidden value in business processes and data.

You may further refer to SAP Signavio Process Manager in order to completely reimagine your business processes. This tool helps you to quickly respond to unforeseeable business and regulatory changes to collaboratively scale the process repository of your enterprise as well as to simulate business processes in order to define alternative business scenarios.

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler is another helpful tool, supporting you to deliver customer excellence. You may use the Journey Modeler to deliver customer excellence through the design of customer journey models for touchpoint improvements, alignment of business processes to customer experiences as well as sharing customer-centric journeys for feedback and potential experience improvements.

With SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub you can collaborate and work together in your own way by building a single source of truth across all your teams, breaking down business silos and shaping an improved understanding of KPIs, tasks and projects.

In order to secure the success of the rollout, you may relate to SAP Signavio Process Governance. Process Governance supports you in gaining complete visibility and governance over your workflows, developing prototypes for rapid deployment and scaling up workflows without coding, as well as reducing business process variations and rework.

Unleash the full potential of your business transformation with RISE with SAP

According to the complexity report by BCG, large organizations can spend between 40% and 80% of their time on non-value-added activities. In this context, large multinationals have created so much complexity that they often struggle to bring good ideas to the marketplace profitably, a McKinsey study revealed in 2014. The Global Simplicity Index revealed in 2019 that as a consequence, at least 10% of profits are lost due to hidden costs of complexity.  We can change that. Let’s change that. Let’s focus again on value adding activities instead of non-value adding ones, stressing your differentiating processes while respecting your commodity processes.

In today’s fast-moving world, there are innovations everywhere: from Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain to business networks and digital supply chains. The question emerges how to yield competitive advantage by embracing these smart technologies while fostering transparency, automation, agility and effective decision-making. With this in mind, SAP created a bundle of products, services and tools to support you with your business transformation: RISE with SAP. The principal idea of RISE with SAP is to provide business transformation as a service, covering various areas including infrastructure, technology, applications and business processes.

A successful business transformation requires a solid understanding of your pain points, in-depth process analysis, industry benchmarking, process reimagination and a smooth collaboration of all involved stakeholders, just to name a few. SAP Signavio combines all these components into a unified set of solutions, enabling strategic E2E process transformations and supporting the intelligent enterprise of tomorrow.

To get started, the following SAP Signavio solutions are included for free in your RISE with SAP subscription:

We at Westernacher are happy to engage with you to showcase a benefit case tailor-made to your specific challenges and needs.

Business Transformation is about the human aspect

Even if we are talking processes, data and systems, the human aspect remains at the core of your business transformation. Business transformation is about the people who run and continuously innovate your business processes by taking advantage of your IT systems to process data intelligently.

Transformation itself means change, of course, and there is no successful and especially sustainable change if all parties in your company are not totally involved from day one. It’s about emphasizing the needs of your employees, suppliers and customers to not only reach process and operational excellence, but also customer excellence.

We at Westernacher support you in harmonizing your processes, data and systems while emphasizing the human aspect – your company’s most valuable asset.


From driving operational efficiency, selective adjustment of process and technology, and evolving processes to enable higher volumes for digital business, all the way to developing new businesses using digital technology as well as transformation of your core business areas, the variety of SAP business transformation scenarios reaches from operational to strategic, from small to big business influence. Depending on your intentions and needs, SAP Signavio solutions like SAP Process Discovery can support you in order to understand the true business value behind your organization as well as how you can achieve it.

We at Westernacher help you identify the right approach that fits your business. We support you in answering the “why”, “what” and “how” in the context of your business transformation. We are there for you. We are walking this journey together with you, keeping one objective in mind: helping you run even better with SAP Signavio.

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