Revolutionize warehousing with SAP EWM Distribution Equipment

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Enter the world of streamlined logistics and optimized warehousing with SAP EWM´s Distribution Equipment functionality. In today´s fast business environment, efficiency and precision are key. Let´s embark on a journey to discover how this powerful tool can revolutionize your supply chain operations.

Watch the demo and get to know how to streamline your warehouse operations.


In SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), the usage of the Distribution Equipment feature is integral to the smooth operation of the warehouse. Particularly when it comes to load handling units that contain multiple positions. Industries should consider using the feature for several reasons as it helps to:

  • improve efficiency of the material supply in the assembly line
  • increase control over the supply process
  • provide instant visibility into production supply, pallet position in equipment
  • minimize disruption of the production systems
  • internal milk run distribution system

Let´s explore how EWM enhances distribution equipment and the process of loading components into handling units, even with complex configurations.   

SAP EWM allows you to define and configure various types of distribution equipment, such as conveyors, forklifts, or automated guided vehicles. Each piece of equipment can be tailored to handle specific tasks within the warehouse, making them versatile assets in your material handling operations.

In SAP EWM a handling unit (HU) represents a physical container used for packing materials or products. A load handling unit is a higher-level HU that can contain multiple positions or sub-HUs. For instance, it can be a pallet containing boxes or a container holding different components.

Distribution Equipment facilitates the loading of components into the handling units. EWM enables the tracking and management of these positions within the handling unit, ensuring that every component is correctly accounted for.

EWM´s Distribution Equipment ensures that resources like forklifts, conveyors and other handling equipment are optimally used, reducing idle time and maximizing productivity. It simplifies the handling process, reducing the complexity of moving goods within a warehouse such as:

  • multi step supply of components
  • support parking in case of break
  • support parking and logoff in case of shift change
  • switch to towing vehicle in case of damage
  • support loading and unloading of Pallet using mobile device
  • API for handling of distribution equipment
  • support use towing vehicles when unloading goods with distribution equipment.

With efficient handling and accurate tracking, businesses can expedite order fulfillment processes, meeting customer demands more swiftly. It also helps in space utilization within the warehouse, ensuring that the available space is maximized. Additionally, you gain real-time visibility into the movement of goods in the warehouse, enabling better decision-making and improve control over operations.  

In summary, the Distribution Equipment feature in SAP EWM is a valuable tool for optimizing warehouse operations and ensuring that the right equipment is always available when needed, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy in the supply chain. 

For companies already using SAP solutions, SAP EWM with Distribution Equipment offers seamless integration and consistent data flow within the SAP ecosystem.


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