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Published on January 24, 2022 – Johannes Strasser, Solutions Consultant SAP S/4HANA Finance & Business Process Intelligence at Westernacher

SAP Signavio Process Governance supports a high level of process consistency and efficiency throughout the entire enterprise. It’s an easy-to-use and accessible workflow engine, leveraging what matters most to businesses by ensuring fewer tasks, roles, lower costs, and higher quality and speed. Business process models can be turned into standardized process governance workflows that can be further rolled out across the company. Organizations may build prototypes and complete workflows for the rapid deployment of their process models, and integrate task management functions to capture, connect, govern and communicate how work is done. But there is much more to this workflow solution game-changer.

What is SAP Signavio Process Governance?

SAP Signavio Process Governance provides out-of-the-box, improved process governance capabilities for process modeling and quick approval. With SAP Signavio Process Governance, business leaders can create automated workflows based on their business process models rapidly and easily. Managing tasks and initiating maturity and regulatory assessments among teams for process documentation and implementation become simpler. Additionally, companies can keep track of their work in one single place and guarantee accountability through assigned activities. This means organizations save time and money, and they can be confident their business processes will consistently run the same way, every time.

SAP Signavio Process Governance integrates seamlessly with other SAP Signavio business transformation solutions, assisting business leaders to better manage their process lifecycle. Existing Signavio customers can export workflow data from SAP Signavio Process Governance directly into SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and Live Insights. This transfer will allow for in-house investigations of organizational data using powerful process intelligence analytics, supporting real-time insights into how workflows and business processes can be enhanced.

What are the benefits of SAP Signavio Process Governance?

SAP Signavio Process Governance provides a better workplace when it comes to process management. It gives business leaders the power to automate repetitive process governance workflows, enabling employees to concentrate on value-adding work. By creating forms, checklists, and decision points, setting up email notifications for deadlines, and collaborating on shared task lists, enterprises may identify and avoid unnecessary work. As a result, companies can cut down on email traffic and irrelevant meetings. Businesses can consequently complete the things they need to, more quickly and efficiently.

SAP Signavio Process Governance also helps in keeping up with change. The tool is a perfect starting point for even the most complex task or activity. The intuitive interface makes it easy to turn process models into workflows, so companies only need the essential features of the process such as tasks and decisions to start with. Users can add more details (like custom notifications, access control, or automatic reminders) at a later stage – and workflows scale up as the business grows. This establishes a 360° process governance with approvals and maturity assessments while getting rid of spreadsheets by tracking tasks directly.

SAP Signavio Process Governance automates and standardizes manual decisions, since it delivers an automated approval solution. This not only reduces the risk of a wrong decision, but also allows the processes based on it to be carried out more efficiently. The automated approval process embraces a rapid reaction to changes to assure business decisions are recorded, which is especially important to safeguard compliance with internal and external regulations and policies.

SAP Signavio Process Governance supports better communication and coordination of tasks. It provides a clear indication of exactly where a given process is up to, and what the next step will be. This results in fewer delays caused by abandoned or forgotten tasks, greater accountability in decision-making, and more flexibility to roll out process optimizations consistently. Onboarding new team members becomes easier, as they can see at a glance exactly what they need to do, and where to access the resources they require.


SAP Signavio Process Governance transforms business process models into standardized workflows that can be rolled out throughout the entire company. Business leaders can coordinate tasks, keep track of work and guarantee rapid accountability and collaborative process governance. The tool embraces reliable, higher-quality results by decreasing variations in how work is done, offers improved service to internal and external stakeholders by completing work more quickly and creates a reasonable as well as easily accessible audit trail of the actual work by tracking decision points and accomplished tasks. The easy-to-use and accessible workflow engine establishes 360° process governance with approvals, maturity assessments and more. SAP Signavio Process Governance accelerates user experience and enables rapid deployment of workflow models. It’s easy to configure and scale without any coding. The built-in reporting helps to streamline operations and simplify analysis across critical mandates. A true game-changer in its domain.

This post finalizes the introduction to SAP Signavio’s holistic transformation suite for Business Process Intelligence, including SAP Process Insights, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, SAP Signavio Process Manager , SAP Signavio Journey Modeler as well as SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub.

In our next post, we will focus on the specific use cases for BPI in more detail. Stay tuned.

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