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Published on December 14, 2021 – Johannes Strasser, Solutions Consultant SAP S/4HANA Finance & Business Process Intelligence at Westernacher
As already introduced in the beginning of this blog series, organizations  can refer to SAP Signavio Process Manager to completely reimagine their business processes. This tool helps to quickly respond to unforeseeable business and regulatory changes, to collaboratively scale the process repository of the enterprise as well as to simulate business processes in order to define alternative business scenarios. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a deep dive towards SAP Signavio Process Manager and how organizations can seize the power of process to thrive in the new normal and beyond.

What is SAP Process Manager?

SAP Signavio Process Manager is an intuitive business process management (BPM) solution for advanced process modeling, supporting enterprises to model, analyze, simulate, and optimize their business processes at scale. With this solution, organizations can gain the capabilities to build and monitor the business processes that underpin the way their organization works. From finance and HR, to manufacturing and sales, enterprises reap the opportunities of efficiency and effectiveness that arise from one single coherent business process landscape that crosses IT system boundaries. As a result, the processes become accessible within the entire organization. This supports company-wide transparency and makes process and decision modeling possible for everyone within the company. SAP Signavio Process Manager allows the organization to connect business processes towards upgraded customer journeys for an increased customer experience. And turbocharged customer experience is just one benefit of this powerful solution and represents only the very tip of the iceberg.

What are the benefits of SAP Process Manager?

SAP Signavio Process Manager comes with numerous benefits and opportunities for companies. It enables organizations to ensure deep insights into all business areas, to increase productivity and reduce costs, to better connect processes with the overall strategy, to implement a strategic business plan at scale as well as quickly respond to regulatory change. All these fruitful capabilities make an enterprise more sustainable.

The solution provides an effective way to improve operational activities through simplified model creation. Business processes can easily be created, new activities added, edited, and then reviewed before publishing the process model. Companies stay in control and improve the process output with holistic editing functionalities, no matter how many thousands of processes they have.

Collaborative input and feedback raise the standard of the way the organization works. Business leaders can share their expertise and get the support they need. What does it look like? Simple. People involved can add comments to task notifications and respond in real time to colleagues across departments and sites. They may further ask for feedback and drive conversations that lead to faster and better outcomes. Operating this way allows organizations to stay on top of their game by knocking out silos and driving performance instead.

In order to prepare for alternative business scenarios, companies can simulate their processes via SAP Signavio Process Manager. It involves the creation of a what-if environment to quantify and predict the potential ROI of change. Business leaders can dive into the tasks that are most relevant to them by kick-starting process simulation through setting and monitoring case scenarios. Enterprises may consequently uncover hidden opportunities and find their best alternatives for complex projects.


SAP Signavio Process Manager is a cloud-based software solution that supports enterprises to document, model and simulate their business processes. Organizations can gain improved visibility into inefficiencies and increase their performance at scale with this tool. Putting the customer first is one of the biggest benefits of SAP Signavio Process Manager – the ability to increase customer experience through the connection of business processes towards enhanced customer journeys. The support of company-wide process transparency as well as the possibility to make process and decision modeling possible for all definitely increase continuous process excellence end-to-end. Non-compliant processes can be identified and then corrected according to each specific need. The tool further facilitates editing and collaboration, since process models can be shared quickly. Organizations may align their business and technical requirements and manage processes and decisions through a single platform.

In our next post, we will examine SAP Signavio Journey Modeler in more detail. Stay tuned.

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