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Published on January 10, 2022 – Johannes Strasser, Solutions Consultant SAP S/4HANA Finance & Business Process Intelligence at Westernacher
When we think of the key drivers in today’s digitalized world, we mostly refer to agility and transformation. Agility is a given, transformation a way of being and both are insufficient to reach a sustainable competitive advantage without putting special emphasis on the customer experience. Business leaders of tomorrow are therefore shifting their attention from a product-focused, efficiency-first approach to customer obsession to stand out in a crowded and fast-moving digital landscape. SAP Signavio Journey Modeler provides organizations with the tools to understand, improve, and transform the way their customers interact with their business activities, leading to the creation of lasting customer excellence (CEX). But there is much more to SAP Signavio Journey Modeler than embracing continuous customer experience improvements. Let’s dive deeper.

What is SAP Signavio Journey Modeler?

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler represents another helpful process transformation solution included in the holistic suite of SAP BPI. With this solution, companies may  operationalize customer experiences by linking their business processes with the way customers actually experience them, then adapt their organizational systems, metrics, and roles to support the best customer experience possible.

SAP Signavio Journey Modeler provides enterprises with the gear to perform three major things: quickly and easily design beautiful journey models, manage those journey models effectively within the Signavio Business Transformation Suite, and most significantly, connect their journey models with their business processes.

The journey models themselves illustrate an outside-in view of the company – from the perspective of a customer, employee, supplier, or any other party engaging with the business. In this blog post, we are focusing on the customer scenario in order to narrow the scope, even if the principal idea of journey models remains the same. As they distinguish themselves from classic business processes mapped with BPMN, the following table emphasizes the difference between the notation of business processes compared to journey models:
What to document Business Processes Customer Experience
Perspective Inside-out Outside-in
Way of expression Process diagram Customer journey
Recommended tool SAP Signavio Process Manager SAP Signavio Journey Modeler
Game changer Merge inside-out operational excellence and outside-in customer experience practices, providing a solid connection between journeys, processes and data to delight customers at scale with SAP Signavio Journey Modeler.
The business processes of a company are best expressed in a process diagram using SAP Signavio Process Manager, while the customer experience on the receiving end of the business process is best expressed as a journey using SAP Signavio Journey Modeler. In this context, any business processes already modeled in SAP Signavio Process Manager can be linked to SAP Signavio Journey Modeler. This includes the process model mapping to SAP Signavio Journey Modeler on a specific step or task level. Moreover, linked processes can be opened directly in the SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub.
The customer journey can be captured in a tabular structure, describing the stages of the journey in detail. By applying SAP Signavio Journey Modeler, organizations can list all touchpoints, visualize the sentiment for each stage, link process maps and add data visualizations as widgets. Such widgets can further be directly embedded from SAP Signavio Process Intelligence.

By integrating operational and external data with customer journeys, businesses may discover opportunities for improvement, and ensure they are reaching the peak of customer excellence. Customer excellence is all about the combination of inside-out and outside-in thinking: which of the business processes have customer touchpoints, and more crucially, how do customers perceive those touchpoints? Such insights lead to various benefits.

What are the benefits of SAP Journey Modeler?

With SAP Signavio Journey Modeler, companies now have a direct way to operationalize new customer experiences. It enables organizations to translate customer experience when engaging with certain business processes into quantifiable and manageable information, so business leaders can adapt quickly to changes in customer expectations and delight customers consistently. This also leads to smarter decision-making about exactly which customers to serve, when, and how.

The solution supports enterprises to develop a centralized, real-time view of customer experience by linking journeys with business processes, related IT applications, integration points and data flows. Companies can align their entire organization behind critical customer outcomes by leveraging journey analytics and sentiment analysis. Furthermore, businesses can better understand the interdependencies between customer sentiment, moments of truth, and underlying process operations.

Another interesting opportunity lies behind the already existing process landscape. Business leaders can identify critical customer interaction points based on the process mining capabilities of SAP Signavio Process Intelligence. Customer data and process mining analysis further help to understand the root causes of customer frustration or happiness, then repair or redesign the business process to effectively boost customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

Organizations can break down silos between customer experience and process teams and align on common ambitions and definitions of journey modeling. As a result, businesses can minimize their operational complexity and manage variation in process operations to provide a consistent customer experience across the whole organization. Related insights can be shared and crowdsourced within the entire company via SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub to further increase customer experience levels.


SAP Signavio Journey Modeler is a software solution that enables organizations of all shapes and sizes to visualize the way their customers, agents, or employees experience their business. It blends customer-centric imperatives with operational excellence at scale, delivering a solid connection between journeys, processes, and data. This solution supports operationalizing customer experiences by connecting business processes with the way customers experience them, delivering the best way to outperform competition. Organizations may apply SAP Signavio Journey Modeler to adjust their organizational systems, metrics, and roles to provide the best interactions possible, and drill down to process mining data for CEX competitive advantage. The solution encourages a complete outside-in and inside-out thinking perspective, supporting companies to better understand, enhance, and transform customer engagement with their business, translating experience and process mining into operational reality. This includes the generation of greater insights into how to give customers what they really want – and even what they do not know they need yet – resulting in happier and more loyal customers. SAP Signavio Journey Modeler reaches its full potential by linking it to the SAP Signavio Business Transformation Suite, most notably SAP Signavio Process Manager, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, and SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub. The latter is especially interesting for enterprises in the search for one single source of process truth across the entire company.

In our next post, we will examine SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub in more detail. Stay tuned.

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