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New 3PL management platform.

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Guangdong HYC Logistics
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HYC Logistics is a 3PL company that offers warehousing, distribution and transportation services. The company wanted to build an integrated 3PL business process to replace its customer-specific process. Westernacher assisted HYC in its transformation efforts with the implementation of SAP EWM and SAP TM. The result is a powerful management platform seamlessly integrated with 3rd party customers that has significantly improved service levels and operating efficiency.


  • Establish an integrated business process of a third-party logistics platform for transportation and warehouse management
  • Strengthen information management for standardization of operations & processes, system visualization, and better cost control
  • Leverage the SAP ERP & SCE platform for management control, business expansion, operation refinement and scientific decision-making


  • Systematic management of business processes with centralized order management
  • Real-time track & trace using SAP TM, SAP EM and Chinese track & trace provider oTMS
  • Automated bundling and optimization of warehousing and transportation requirements throughout supply network
  • Higher service levels and better resource allocation with visualized transportation via GPS integration
  • Automatic charge calculation, structure standardization and accurate distribution cost through SAP TM
  • Lower transportation risks through integration with social media app WeChat for real-time inspection of vehicles
  • Improved customer experience and operating efficiency in cost calculation with implementation of warehouse systems
  • Centralized system authorization for securer risk management
  • Eliminated data redundancy by standardization of master data management

transportation hub go-lives

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charge models standardized

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routes managed systematically


  • Achieved all 3PL transportation management scenarios, including FTL, LTL, JIT delivery, Milk Run, long-haul trucking, container transportation, etc.
  • Established a visualized platform for resource, operation, financial and real-time order information
  • Realized warehouse and transportation collaboration using customized SAP transit warehouse interface
  • Powerful 3PL management platform by further integration to customers’ systems

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