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Ford goes global with a comprehensive SAP SPM solution.

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Ford Motor Company
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Ford’s global Business Technology Renewal program for its Customer Service Division has seen the carmaker replace 30-year-old legacy systems and work practices with new, optimized processes running on a state-of-the-art integrated SAP Service Parts Management (SPM) platform. The carmaker now successfully runs all four components of the SAP SPM Solution worldwide: Service Parts Planning (SAP SPP), warehouse management (SAP EWM) and commercial and finance processes (SAP CRM and ERP). Westernacher Consulting has assisted Ford in this business transformation for almost 10 years with the implementation of SAP SPM throughout their European, North American and Asia Pacific markets.


  • Provide dealers with easy-to-use self-services
  • Customer centric design
  • Real-time availability check
  • Backorder processing
  • Full marketing integration
  • Full finance and controlling integration
  • Integrated document flow
Westernacher has been assisting us with this business transformation in the US and Europe for almost 10 years, providing consulting services in the areas of SAP SPP, EWM, CRM, SCM, BI and ERP. Today we have 20+ consultants assisting us with the implementation of SAP Service Parts Management Commercial and Financial solutions throughout their European, North American and Asia Pacific markets in a program which is scheduled to be completed in 2020.

Dieter Schönhofen, IT Supervisor at Ford Customer Service Division


  • Customer experience is much simpler   
  • Realtime transparency of entitlements   
  • Document flow is consistent and transparent
  • Realtime transparency of cost
  • Traceability of cost changes
  • Automated booking of entitlement expirations
  • CRM pricing and billing
  • General ledger accounting and profitability analysis
  • Claims and returns management 


  • CRM Order Management with gATP check in a BOD for four markets 
  • Entitlement manager integration   
  • Integration of manual investigation workflows   
  • End-to-end integration and process flow
  • Harmonization of complaint structure
  • Automatic business rule framework integration
  • Trade promotion management integration 

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