Address disruptions with digital logistics.

August 18, 2020

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It’s important to manage the disruptions in today’s globally interdependent supply chains. An agile, automated process with minimal manual intervention is what the market needs today. While systematic handling of logistics processes through paperless work, track & trace and virtual monitoring is the core of a robust and integrated supply chain, a flexible platform offering “Management by Exception” is the need of the hour.
SAP and Westernacher Consulting are pleased to invite you to join a webinar on how digital technologies can help address disruptions in the area of logistics. To help you strategize further, a series of detailed webinars are getting planned, with focused attention on each area of logistics execution and planning. Stay tuned.

Key takeaways.

  • Discover how to connect warehouse digitally to perfect reality 
  • Learn about getting your products to move through multimodally with visibility 
  • Explore inventory optimization with efficient forecast


  • Introduction
  • Leading through the crisis – digitalize supply chain
  • Current industry challenges
  • Warehousing operations – industry pain points and success stories
  • Transportation logistics – industry pain points and success stories
  • Supply Chain Planning – industry pain points and success stories
  • Time-to-Value Solutions – overview
  • Q&A and what’s next 

Keynote speakers.

Shrirang the CEO for Westernacher India and head of the South East Asia market. He has more than 25 years of versatile experience in SAP consulting for innovative business solutions and an adviser to supply chain business owners.
Westernacher Consulting India
Sanjay is a Practice Director with focus on Warehousing. Additionally, he has more than 15 years of supply chain consulting experience.
Practice Director – Warehousing
Digital Supply Chain
Westernacher Consulting
Madhup has more than 17 years of experience, specialized in SAP Transportation Management and IoT. He is currently the TM Practice Director for Westernacher India.
Practice Director – Transportation & Logistics
Digital Supply Chain
Westernacher Consulting
With more than 20+ years of IT experience and a PMI Certified Project Management Professional, Ramani is the Practice Director at Westernacher India managing the Planning team.
Practice Director – Planning
Digital Supply Chain
Westernacher Consulting

At a glance

August 18, 2020
10am – 12pm (UTC+8, Singapore)

120 minutes

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