Optimize asset management with SAP ASPM.

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Many maintenance strategies still exhibit a reactive character, resulting in high costs and performance degradation. However, industry developed best practices for maintenance are leading to a consistent move towards condition-based monitoring to better balance asset risk, cost, and performance.
In this webinar, we will demonstrate how SAP has combined the most successful approaches that help you measure and improve the performance of your assets and enhance maintenance strategies using SAP ASPM.

Key takeaways.

  • Understand the importance of a comprehensive asset management and maintenance strategy 
  • Get to know SAP’s offering with ASPM being part of the Intelligent Asset Management solution portfolio 
  • Experience the system and its capabilities in a live demo 
  • Importance of a comprehensive asset management and maintenance strategy  
  • SAP’s offering with ASPM being part of the Intelligent Asset Management solution portfolio 
  • Live demo 

Keynote speakers.

Prasad is an Enterprise Asset Management Consultant at Westernacher and has 12+ years of experience in consulting and developing solutions in SAP Plant Maintenance processes.
Consultant Industry 4.0, Westernacher
Alexander Hero
Alexander is a consultant for SAP Supply Chain Management with a focus on Industry 4.0. He specializes in the SAP cloud applications of manufacturing, asset management, and the Internet of Things.
Consultant Industry 4.0, Westernacher
David has an extensive and varied background in Plant Maintenance, Procurement/Materials Management, and Warehouse Management. He has 30+ years’ experience, including 25 years using SAP.
Consultant Industry 4.0, Westernacher

At a glance

60 minutes

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