All-round planning for your shop floor with SAP DMC-REO.

May 20, 2021
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In the past, planning and scheduling of manufacturing operations could usually be executed on a weekly to daily basis. The Resource Orchestration (REO) module, as part of the Digital Manufacturing Cloud, enables manufacturers to plan their resources at the shift level and allows a flexible response to last-minute changes on the shop floor while being tightly integrated into the production planning.
Join our webinar and learn how you can benefit from planning and scheduling your personnel and production operations to your equipment and work centers within one application. Understand how you can use the REO module not only in the context of DMC, but also as a hybrid version with other existing Manufacturing Execution Systems.
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Key takeaways.

  • Get to know the SAP REO module as part of the Digital Manufacturing Cloud
  • Discover the value-adds of this module
  • Experience a live demo
  • Understand different integration scenarios to ERP and Manufacturing Execution
  • SAP Resource Orchestration overview
  • Value-adds
  • Integration scenarios
  • Live demo

Keynote speakers.

Foa Torres
Eugenia is an SAP Digital Supply Chain consultant in the area of Planning and Industry 4.0. She specializes in Industrial IoT solutions with a focus on manufacturing and asset management.
Digital Supply Chain Consultant, Westernacher
Alexander Hero
Alexander is a consultant for SAP Supply Chain Management with a focus on Industry 4.0. He specializes in the SAP cloud applications of manufacturing, asset management, and the Internet of Things.
Consultant Industry 4.0, Westernacher
Matthias Hollenders
Matthias is leading the Industry 4.0 practice at Westernacher and has 10+ years of experience in SAP Supply Chain Management.
Global Lead Industry 4.0, Westernacher

At a glance

May 20, 2021
11am (CET)

45 minutes

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