One supply chain in SAP S/4HANA.

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Supply chains of the past faced limitations primarily around the sharing of information and data. In today’s fast paced environment where a bottleneck in the supply chain can lead to disruptions downstream and impact the consumer experience through delays or stockouts – the timely sharing of information is more important than ever. Through increased visibility, prescriptive responses, shared data sources for storyboarding, and production automation the supply chain can undergo a change from individual silos to a single organism that is responsive to changes up and down stream. Some of this is contingent on avoiding falling prey to the trapped value gap which occurs when an iterative approach is taken when investing in breakthrough technology.
Companies making the shift to SAP S/4HANA are seeing information silos broken down which allows for quicker decision making driven by analytics. With the seamless integration between components of SAP S/4HANA combined with the in-platform memory to drive powerful analytics and machine learning, the digital supply chain is evolving to become less focused on the day-to-day operations and more on the user experience.
What does this paradigm shift mean for your business? It means less time spent manually entering data for your function and more time spent understanding opportunities for improvement between functional areas that will benefit all parties in the supply chain. This white paper will cover several examples of this and discuss how One Supply Chain in S/4 improves the overall customer experience.

What you will get out of this?

  • How all the supply chain components of your SAP S/4HANA solution can work together.
  • How to shift from reactive responses to prescriptive.
  • What impact a single source of truth has on how visualization of data.
  • How to avoid the trapped value gap.
Westernacher White paper: One supply chain for SAP S/4HANA

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