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Celsa, based in Barcelona, Spain, has a reputation for innovation and sustainability in the steel industry. As an integral part of the Celsa Group, one of Europe’s leading producers of circular and low-emission steel, Celsa UK plays a key role in the Group’s mission to revolutionize steel production while preserving the planet for future generations. Needless to say, the logistical challenges are unparalleled.

With 120 sites and more than 70,000 employees across Europe, the Celsa Group is a powerhouse in steelmaking, producing 5.5 million tons of steel annually from recycled ferrous waste.

Even industry leaders face challenges in optimizing their supply chain operations. And in their quest for efficiency and agility, Celsa UK turned to Westernacher Consulting for a solution. They embarked on a journey to implement SAP Business Network for Logistics and SAP Transportation Management to streamline transportation operations and improve supply chain responsiveness.

The need for an integrated platform to communicate with carriers and better control of costs was paramount. According to Alex Garcia, IT PMO Manager at Celsa Group, by implementing LBN Freight Collaboration, Celsa gained real-time communication capabilities with carriers during transportation planning, while the vehicle scheduling and routing optimizer enabled them to manage capacity, maximize utilization and prioritize shipments.

Remarkable results. Bianca Parry, Outbound Supply Manager at Celsa Group, also attests to the success of the project: “We have seen significant savings of around 1-2% in transport costs. Real-time visibility and tracking of key performance indicators such as loading times and on-time deliveries became achievable goals thanks to Westernacher’s expertise.

For Celsa Group, SAP Business Network for Logistics and SAP Transportation Management have become the cornerstones of its supply chain, providing efficiency, visibility, and a future-proof logistics framework.

Carlos Castan Saenz, Logistics Corporate Manager at Celsa Spain, praises Westernacher: “Westernacher offered the combination of technical, international experience and project management skills and proved to be a reliable partner during the project. They were also able to manage the difficulties that arose in such a way that, in the end, the deadlines and the budget were met within the margins that we wanted”.

Together, Westernacher and Celsa are celebrating not just a successful project, but a transformational partnership that has set new standards in the steel industry.

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