Manufacturing & Asset Management.

Industry 4.0 combines digital manufacturing with intelligent assets and the Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT. This means intelligent, interconnected assets such as machines, objects and products that communicate and optimize autonomously along the entire value chain are the main drivers of the digital revolution in the supply chain. Industry 4.0 will radically change production and alter the way humans will work with equipment. It offers higher autonomy and tailored information provided to workers from smart devices to support decisions.

Digital manufacturing.

Intelligent and networked methods, processes and tools enable more flexible production. This increases economic efficiency and thus strengthens competitiveness.

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud is a real-time data and analytics-based manufacturing execution system (MES) in the cloud. It is part of SAP’s Industry 4.0 portfolio, focusing on the execution, analysis, and integration of manufacturing processes. Extending the on-premise digital manufacturing solution portfolio, it brings in the following:

Detailed execution of production processes.
Efficient key performance indicators (KPI’s) and analysis.
Visibility across all plants down to the production equipment.
Short-term planning of shop floor operations.
Extensive automation of production execution.
Fully configurable and highly customizable solution.

Ingenuity in Industry 4.0.

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SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud includes two main applications.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Execution
With SAP Digital Manufacturing Execution (DME), companies can apply a cloud-based approach to shop floor control, production execution monitoring, resource and order management, and top-to-shop floor scenarios. It supports shop floor data collection and provides production workers and managers with an enhanced user experience through intuitive interfaces and dashboards.
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Insights
SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights (DMI) is a central, data-driven, cloud-based performance management solution for manufacturing. By capturing, delivering, and visualizing key performance indicators in real-time, the solution enables greater visibility into the manufacturing environment and supports tactical and strategic decision-making for improved manufacturing performance. Seamless integration into multiple systems and interfaces for data acquisition ensures that production data from different production and automation systems is harmonized. Problem analyses and the implementation of concrete measures can thus be accelerated.
SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for Resource Orchestration (REO)
SAP Resource Orchestration (REO) represents the link between long- and midterm planning of operations and being able to react to incidents on the shop-floor; adapting the planning accordingly. With this solution production supervisors are enabled to schedule operations, labor and tools to production equipment and work centers on a daily basis creating an environment for accurate short-term planning and dispatching. The tight integration to production applications allows to monitor the current production situation, tracking orders throughout their entire lifecycle.

Meet the future of manufacturing with SAP DMC.

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC) is the new tool in the manufacturing environment. The combined functionalities of a manufacturing execution system, detailed operation planning and advanced analytics elevate your production to another level.

Discover our approach to improve worker safety, monitor positions and health with an integrated SAP IoT solution.

Connected Worker.

Digital manufacturing is the new paradigm of a fully integrated value chain from component manufacturing to final assembly, blurring traditional boundaries. Keep up the pace in the global race for innovation.

Industrial Internet of Things.

Industrial IoT applications already offer considerable added value as stand-alone solutions. Nevertheless, they only unfold their full potential when they are integrated into central supply chain solutions and a broad IT landscape. IoT solutions are not a substitute, but they add value to existing supply chain solutions, including planning, manufacturing, warehousing and transport processes.

In many companies today, asset data is collected and processed in separate silos. The actual condition of an asset is unknown. This drives up inefficiencies and downtimes through maintenance not well-coordinated with production.

Intelligent assets.

With SAP S/4HANA Asset Management, SAP offers a solution for the analysis, planning and execution of maintenance in companies. Many terms are used in parallel to maintenance, such as SAP Asset Management, SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), SAP Maintenance Management or SAP Plant Maintenance (PM). They all can be grouped under “Asset Management”. SAP S/4HANA Asset Management focuses on four main topics:

Support optimal operations by performing planned and unplanned maintenance tasks. Offer technicians the ability to easily identify, report and correct malfunctions, and respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.
Transparency in plant operation and planning
Proactively monitor critical and time-sensitive maintenance and spare parts inventory activities with quick access to cost, failure rate, and damage analysis.
Optimized scheduling of maintenance work
Create schedules by simulating the scope and scale of the work. Track work status with a KPI dashboard for maintenance planning, maintenance schedule simulation, and graphical representation of maintenance activities.
Safe and compliant operation
Ensure safe working conditions, comply with environmental protection regulations, and provide reliable technical systems.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management combines collaborative asset intelligence, planning, prediction and simulation to equipment operations and maintenance. It extends the SAP S/4HANA Asset Management portfolio with mainly cloud-based applications such as:

SAP Asset Intelligence Network
A central repository to collect and track equipment information enabling operators to access up-to-date maintenance strategies and documents from manufacturers and at the same time allowing manufacturers to automatically receive asset usage and failure data.
SAP Asset Strategy and Performance Management
Supporting the asset management organization in defining, planning, and monitoring the optimal maintenance strategy for physical assets by providing the necessary data and analysis.
SAP Predictive Maintenance
and Service

Combing various data sources such as sensors but also business information in ERP, asset management, and customer relationship management, and leveraging this insight to predict equipment malfunctions and optimize resource management.

SAP Asset Manager
Providing online and offline access via a mobile app to manage work orders and notifications, time, parts, measurement readings and attachments offering visualizations and actionable insights, integrating back into SAP Multiresource Scheduling.

Connected Assets.

Find out about predictive maintenance, performance improvement and operational monitoring with integrated SAP IoT solutions.

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