Top 5 highlights from SAP IBP 2402.

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SAP IBP 2402 is scheduled for release on Feb 3, 2024, for test and demo systems and Feb 17, 2024, for production systems. Here are the top five new improvements for IBP 2402. 

In addition to these top enhancements, there are several other notable improvements across various functionalities, including Response and Supply and Synchronized Planning.

For a detailed description of each change, please refer to the “What’s New Viewer.”
Seamless integration: Unifiying SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public and IBP.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public, integrated with IBP, is supported by SAP Cloud Integration. Now, you can effortlessly integrate SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition with SAP IBP time-series-based data.

SAP IBP Release 2024 1
Overview of Main Integration Scenarios for SAP IBP
SAP IBP Excel add-in: Redesigned dialog for creating and editing master workbooks
  • Workbook filter and worksheet specific filter – Simple and advanced filter modes available
  • Selectable attributes to be displayed and the sort sequence could be adjusted
  • A message to indicate whether the user has write permission for master data types or planning objects
  • The data is loaded in edit mode if the user has write access
  • Select planning level by key figures
  • Non-editable cells are visualized
SAP IBP Release 2024 2
Inventory Optimization: Supply Lead Time calculation

You can utilize the Supply Lead Time calculations to gain greater insight into your historical transportation, production, and supplier lead time data. Alternatively, you can improve the values for the Transportation Lead Time and Production Lead Time used as inputs for running time-series-based supply algorithms.

SAP IBP Release 2024 3
New algorithm available for demand planning: Extreme Gradient Boosting

Gradient boosting of decision trees is a machine learning technique that creates a prediction model by combining multiple weak decision trees models.

SAP IBP Release 2024 4

Each decision tree is not built independently, but rather each one depends on the previous since it aims to correct the errors of the total ensemble to that point.

This model can be used for both regression (forecasting use case) and classification problems.

Supply Chain Risk Management: Integrated with Everstream Analytics

Value Proposistion

  • Minimize supply chain disruptions
  • Proactively address upcoming risks
  • Early risk mitigation


  • Integrate risk insights like risk category, date, and incident risk score from Everstream Analytics into SAP IBP
  • Review risk data in analytics stories or Planner Workspaces
  • Set up customized alerts based on incident risk scores
  • Contextual navigation to Everstream Analytics Platform
SAP IBP Release 2024 5

Now, we have introduced the key highlights of the new SAP IBP 2402 release. If you wish to delve deeper into any of these highlights or explore the entire release in detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our planning experts at Westernacher.



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