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How can Westernacher help your supply chain improve efficiency and productivity with an accelerated warehouse solution?

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Supply chain management stands as the linchpin that either propels a company to success or leaves it grappling with challenges.  As AI relentlessly reshapes the supply chain landscape, businesses are increasingly demanding not just cost reductions, but a surge in efficiencies, coupled with the foresight to detect and preemptively address the issues before they have a chance to disrupt operations.  The question becomes: Without embracing AI, how will your business navigate the responsiveness needed in your supply chain?

The world is becoming more interconnected with AI and machine learning, and the need for an efficient and intelligent supply chain solution has never been more apparent.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a pivotal role in changing the landscape of supply chain management, and SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is at the forefront of this transformation. As one of the leading warehouse solutions, SAP EWM continues to push the boundaries of innovation and take a prominent stance in shaping supply chain trends like AI.

The rise of AI in supply chain management.

The increasing significance of AI in supply chain management is characterized by its diverse applications, enhancing different facets of the supply chain to align with the requirements of today’s dynamic business landscape. AI’s capacity to automate repetitive tasks, deliver predictive analytics, enhance visibility and traceability, personalize user experiences, and optimize operational efficiencies explains its upward trajectory. Because of this rise we believe the word of the year for supply chains in 2024 will be “GEN AI”. When it comes to AI, we’ve noticed companies dividing their AI strategies into 3 distinct categories:

  • Improve supply chain efficiency – How can you drive the supply chain to do things that they do today and do them in a different, more accelerated fashion?
  • Improve user experience – How can things be made more intuitive, and provide contextual information?
  • Deliver new processes and innovation – How can you develop a capability that you’ve previously not had in the organization?

A key challenge in supply chain management is the need to manage vast amounts of data efficiently.  AI excels at processing and analyzing data and can offer insights that would be almost impossible to derive manually.  This is where SAP EWM comes into play, integrating with AI to unlock the full potential of a data-driven supply chain.


EWM can take AI capabilities to the next level, providing businesses with a competitive edge. Here are some ways that EWM and AI can work together in tandem:

  • Smart Warehousing:
    • SAP Warehouse Insights – Advanced planning tool that optimizes warehouse operations in real time, improves resource utilization, enables visualization of warehouse layout, and provides insights across warehouses.
    • AI-driven robotics and automation integrated with EWM enable smart warehousing solutions. Check it out!
    • This includes autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), robotic picking systems, and other technologies that enhance warehouse operations and reduce manual labor.
  • Inventory Management and Warehouse Optimization:
    • AI helps intelligent stock categorization and dynamic slotting within warehouses.
    • EWM utilizes information to optimize warehouse layouts, reduce picking times, and improve overall inventory accuracy.
    • Physical inventory drones that are integrated with EWM can rapidly cut count time, reduce costs, and prevent downtime. If you are interested in hearing more about Westernacher’s PI drone technology, click here for more information.
  • Real-Time Visibility:
    • IoT (Internet of Things) integrated with EWM provides real-time visibility into the entire supply chain and real time tracking of inventory and assets.
    • This visibility allows for proactive issue resolution, reducing the risk of disruptions and improving customer satisfaction.

The integration of AI into supply chain management, particularly through warehousing solutions like SAP EWM, marks a significant leap forward in the quest for more efficient and responsive logistics operations. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can enhance decision-making, improve forecasting accuracy, and optimize their entire supply chain from end to end.  Are you looking to upgrade your current warehouse solution and start leveraging the capabilities of AI, but don’t know where to start?  Westernacher can help with our accelerated Time-to-Value solution.


Westernacher’s Time-to-Value solution enables an accelerated set up of SAP EWM that allows your supply chain and operations to quickly adapt without sacrificing integration. Our Time-to-Value Solutions, which integrate seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA, are backward compatible with SAP ECC, and include SAP’s modern Fiori user experience. The solutions also include Westernacher’s We scan UI5 add-on, a dynamic Fiori based UI that is user-friendly and features live video calling and photo capture.  Time-to-Value can be implemented for both manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Time-to-Value Benefits.

The benefits of this approach are a shortened implementation timeline (as fast as 18 weeks!) and rapid deployments to additional sites.   Discovery and Design phases are shortened by demoing live Time-to-Value processes and identifying delta instead of from-scratch design (saving 3-6 weeks).  This accelerated Time-to-Value solution also allows for early exposure to EWM business processes; the business will have a working demo system from the second week of the Discover phase.

If you’re seeking an efficient and rapid upgrade for your supply chain and warehouse operations, providing a cost-effective solution that facilitates swift business adaptation, then look no further – this is the ideal solution for your business! The beauty of this approach lies in its ability to promptly elevate and optimize your warehouse operations. This streamlined process not only expedites the integration with AI technologies but also unlocks the potential for embracing intelligent warehousing solutions.

Westernacher stands ready to assist in seamlessly integrating your warehouse with cutting-edge robotics and automation. As an added innovation, consider incorporating Westernacher’s physical inventory drone, a game-changer that not only reduces count time but also minimizes costs associated with manual counting. With our expertise, your business can step confidently into the future of advanced warehouse management.  If you’d like more information on our Time-to-Value solution, click here to read more.

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