New energy automotive industry.

August 02, 2019
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Introducing the famous Design Thinking (DT). The SAP supply chain team, together with Westernacher and a number of other companies, will hold a one-day, closed-door workshop on supply chains in the new energy automobile industry at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Shanghai on August 2, 2019.
To inspire everyone’s imagination, the workshop venue is remote from the dense office area and carefully designed to use a variety of fun props, such as LEGO bricks, design thinking tool templates, various paintings and even marshmallow, spaghetti etc. SAP’s DT is a workshop consisting of People, Process and Place, encouraging everyone to get engaged, use innovative methods to find problems and the solutions to them.


Upstream and downstream planning in the industry chain, perfect order delivery – OEM vs. battery manufacturer vs. material supplier’s collaborative planning process and order delivery.


Intelligent construction of in-process logistics and order fulfillment logistics – automated internal logistics, efficient professional warehouse allocation.


Digitization and visualization of new energy industry chain manufacturing – control towers for OEMs, parts factories and productions.


New energy battery lifecycle service – business requirements for OEM parts aftersales, transformation of battery makers from product to service.

In-depth discussion on automotive topics through innovative design thinking.

The topics will cover production and marketing planning, production execution, logistics warehousing and distribution, as well as aftersales services:

Three key benefits in one day.

  • By discussing business models, learn how to put yourself in customers’ shoes to bring real value
  • Learn to use DT methods to effectively identify potential business growth points and help customers untie industry knots
  • Efficient networking with low costs and high returns

At a glance

August 02, 2019
9am – 4pm

Design Thinking Workshop
Shanghai, China

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