Transportation Management

Westernacher Control Tower – From micro-management to management by exception.

The Westernacher Control Tower is an SAP Fiori based tool to provide you with insight into a variety of meaningful analytical figures around your transportation processes. The different information levels of our control tower allow you to concentrate on the exceptions occurring in your logistics operations to minimize your effort in keeping your processes on track.

Control your logistics beyond transportation.

The Westernacher Control Tower allows you to consolidate content and analytics from various applications including transportation as well as warehouse management or yard logistics. This enables a comprehensive overview of your logistics processes.

Benefits of Westernacher Control Tower

End-to-end visibility
The Westernacher Control Tower combines transportation, warehousing, and finance information. Data from different systems is consolidated and displayed centrally to create a single point of truth. Additional data sources and KPIs can be added easily.
Data combination from various sources.
Information on success and failure of the delivery process can be registered comprehensively and immediately via a variety of channels. The information can be used for analytical purposes.
Fast and flexible.
Because of the in-memory capabilities of SAP HANA, data and KPIs are available in real-time, if supported by the source systems. Drilldown into details is possible instantaneously.

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