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Published on January 19, 2023
Digitize Dock Management / Dock appointment with Westernacher We Schedule.

Westernacher We schedule is a solution that digitizes the entire dock appointment scheduling process end to end. Working with SAP EWM, six Fiori-based plug-and-play applications provide complete visibility for vendor, driver, yard and warehouse. By digitalizing all relevant communication and providing clear performance indicators, the application allows for seamless collaboration across all parties to maximize efficiency and productivity of the dock.

Why sticking to a schedule is important.
The dock is a vital part of any logistics operation. Proper management can significantly increase efficiency and improve your overall supply chain process. Unscheduled bookings, lack of clarity around when to load and unload, long waits, misinformation and poor utilization of resources lead to bottlenecks that cost time and money. Efficient scheduling of inbound and outbound traffic is essential to avoid congestion and optimize performance.
Challenges that affect docking capacity and productivity.
  • Lack of visibility across the entire supply chain – from booking of slots to the truck leaving the yard
  • Improper utilization of resources because of unscheduled/overlapping bookings
  • Manual assignment of docks by warehouse clerks
  • Lack of communication between drivers and the warehouse
  • Lost time and yard congestion
  • Long vehicle turnaround times leading to additional charges
How you benefit from Westernacher We schedule.
Westernacher We schedule is a practical suite of applications for dock appointment and scheduling that optimizes operations to provide:
  • Complete visibility for the vendor, driver, yard and the warehouse
  • Automated dock assignment
  • Prioritization of deliveries and dock assignments depending on regulations
  • Alerts for all parties to changes in schedule times
  • Real-time visibility of dock and parking area
  • KPIs for assessment and improvement of dock and yard functions
  • Health checks for vehicles arriving/leaving the facility
Simplicity from start to finish.
Westernacher We schedule comprises six pioneering applications for you to plan and organize your entire dock appointment process.
Vendor Collaboration application.
The application is provided to vendors for booking appointments in available slots, which smoothens the collaboration between vendors and warehouse and yard operators.
The application provides real-time status of the dock and parking area. The driver receives confirmation of the dock number and waiting area and is kept up to date on the status of the appointment. A QR code allows for hassle-free check-in and check-out. The driver is able to view alerts and request an appointment change if needed.
Security gate
Security operators can view daily bookings, maintain truck and driver information, assign parking spots, issue gates passes and complete easy check-in and check-out. The application provides visibility of trucks in the dock and waiting areas with real-time status updates.
Dock planning
An overview of the dock and all appointments along with up-to-the-minute updates of arrivals and departures allows for precise planning and assignment of waiting trucks in the yard to the dock. Appointments can be edited and confirmed, and alerts issued.
Safety check
Driver, truck and shipment details for outbound deliveries are recorded systematically, along with a complete shipment health check to ensure the safety of goods.
Dock management
Dock availability and parking lot status can be seen, and parking slots assigned through the application. Drivers receive alerts for door assignment when the dock is available for receiving the truck.
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