Transportation Management

Westernacher Driver Application – Broad options for communication, guidance, and feedback.

Are your drivers an important factor in your logistics chain? Then the Westernacher Driver Application can fill a crucial gap. It can run on a variety of devices and guides drivers or subcontracted carriers through the individual transportation execution process based on data coming from your SAP TM system.

Comprehensive insight.

The Westernacher Driver Application enables an authorized user to collect receive and view comprehensive information on orders coming from your SAP TM. This not only contains information on goods to be transported and locations / times to be visited but also allows you to transmit details on required services to be provided, e.g., installation services for goods that are delivered.

Comprehensive guidance.

As our driver app integrates with your smart phones navigation tool, your driver can use their device to directly trigger a navigation process from the order and get guidance on the best route to reach the next destination. The destinations and sequence of orders can be changed as required in the individual tour.

Comprehensive communication.

With each order, the driver gets information on contacting the customer. Communication details or contacting hints can be displayed and directly used, e.g., to call the customer once the driver has arrived at the delivery location.

Comprehensive reporting.

The Westernacher Driver App offers a broad set of capabilities to report on activities. It allows you to send tracking events and enables registration of electronic proof of delivery including signatures and photos, confirmation of delivered or rejected services, scanning of bar codes, and reporting of work hours. All that is done with a tight integration into data exchange with your SAP TM backend.
All data can be collected to build the score cards of your carriers / drivers and other analytical decision support tools.

Benefits of Westernacher’s Driver Application.

Order transparency
Drivers get transparency about their orders, services to be delivered, customer contact details, and routes to their delivery locations.
Order reporting
Information on success and failure of the delivery process can be registered comprehensively and immediately via a variety of channels. The information can be used for analytical purposes.

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