Transportation Management

TINA – The Transportation Invoicing Assistant.

Gain full control over your payments to your transportation partners.

Payments can be a real challenge due to the variety of fee identification, mismatching amounts, non-understandable identifications, and methods of invoice consolidation. Westernacher’s Transportation Invoicing Assistant helps you to solve this task with a high level of automation before you need to transfer your charges from SAP TM into your ERP system.

Invoice matching in the right place at the right time.

Our TINA add-on becomes part of your SAP TM system (SAP TM on S/4 HANA or as a standalone version). It is directly integrated with your charge calculation on the supplier side (freight orders and bookings) and verifies and corrects your calculated cost before your need to transfer it to SAP ERP. With TINA, transportation invoice verification becomes a part of your logistics process and is under the control of the logistics team in charge of your partner collaboration. It does not need to be done by your financial department.

Benefits of Westernacher’s Transportation Invoicing Assistant.

Error prevention

TINA offers a high level of error prevention due to its automated invoice verification.

Automatic charge matching

Consolidated invoices, combined charges, renamed cost types, or multiple charge references (e.g., reference number, bill of lading number, etc.) are no problem for TINA’s  intelligent charge matching technique. Your logistics partners’ invoices will be flexibly matched with your SAP TM freight charges.

Increased effectiveness

More effective verification and control processes result in long term cost savings. They substantially reduced manual efforts for invoice verification.

Seamless integration

TINA offers a high level of error prevention due to automated invoice verification that is seamlessly integrated into your SAP TM process and can be adapted to a variety of input channels for carrier invoices.

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