Integrated data model for unified planning.

How Hirschmann Automotive integrated budget rolling forecast and sales planning.

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Published on October 16, 2020
Unify demand, supply chain and financial data to drive maximum business value. Today, companies are facing numerous challenges in the planning process owing to the increasing number of stakeholders involved, growing demand volatility and supply chain complexity. A consolidated data platform is required to meet global supply and demand.
Customer use case

How to integrate budget, rolling forecasts and sales planning at Hirschmann Automotive.

Hirschmann has brought a new way to deal with the general growth of their company, the increasing complexity of their product portfolio and an ever shorter product life cycle. The goal was to design an integrated process in which the budget, rolling forecasts and sales plan were aligned and updated. Hirschmann was able to run simulation scenarios, improve sales management integration and generally increase the transparency and accountability of the process. As a result, this enabled Hirschmann to manage sales planning and cost controlling much more efficiently.
Coordinator SCM & Finance,
Hirschmann Automotive
Global Practice Lead – Planning & Analytics, Westernacher

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