Internet of Things

Connected Worker.

The Connected Worker solution on SAP provides a platform to connect a worker’s safety devices, among others, to provide a holistic overview of all key parameters that are required to ensure safety and increase efficiency. Key aspect is its tight integration into the backend SAP processes.
Internet of Things - Connected Worker - Increase safety and efficency with connected worker - brochure

Main business benefits

Improve worker safety
by continuously identifying and tackling risks and hazards.
Increase operational efficiency
Higher efficiency and performance while improving the accuracy of workforce and operation.
Grow compliance
with streamlined permitting processes and ensuring that workers have the correct permit before commencing work.

Main features

Real-time position monitoring and geofencing
Indoor and outdoor position tracking of workers its process integration with geofencing.
Safety and health monitoring
Identification of incidents based on wearables, gas detection devices and camera recognition considering a personal shield of the worker.
Tight integration into SAP
Integration into the end-to-end process by e.g. pulling permits from EHS, documenting statuses, triggering maintenance orders, etc.

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