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SAP Digital Supplier Network – Your digital shopping window.

31. Mai 2022
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Today, companies are trying to meet the requirements of rapid response to technological changes, the effects of natural disasters or changes in the balance of power on the natural resources markets. One of the approaches is a universal approach to changing the perception of the business environment from the old – linear to modern, i.e., networked.

A natural consequence of the modern perception of the supply chain as a network are partnerships and cooperation between companies, which are gradually evolving from individual deviation correction to the strategic / systemic level – establishing long-term business relationships with qualified suppliers, based on mutual benefits, development, and growth. This type of partnership allows companies to optimize resources and focus on their strengths and redirect energy and resources to work on strategic activities.

As part of the optimization of procurement processes, companies strive to reduce the number of sources of their origin and thus to unify data that can later be easily and quickly processed. Fewer sources provide lower costs, greater flexibility, and speed of information acquisition. All this makes reporting difficult and yet we cannot effectively manage something that we cannot measure. The use of networks that connect customers with suppliers and third-party networks enables companies to maximize the benefits while minimizing costs, risks, and complexity. Using the ability of business networks to improve the speed and quality of information flows between organizations allows businesses to achieve benefits in all areas of their business, and perhaps more importantly, these benefits are not one-off.

A proposal to address the above trends is SAP Business Network, as a part of Rise with SAP, whose elements are Logistics Business Network, Asset Intelligence Network, and the most advanced supplier network [SN] from the point of view of embedding in the market.

AS a dynamic, digital marketplace where millions of buyers and suppliers, operating in more than 190 countries, transact trillions of dollars in business commerce every year. Using it streamlines the course of the purchase process by ensuring its predictability, transparency and access to data related to it.  Buyers can manage the entire procurement process from source to settle, while controlling spending, finding new sources of savings, and building a healthy, ethical supply chain.  Suppliers can help buyers achieve their procurement transformation goals, while boosting customer satisfaction, simplifying the sales cycle, and improving cash flow.


  • ARIBA overview
  • Supplier Network overview
  • Integration
  • Q&A

Keynote speakers.

Westernacher LEAP Event Speaker Adam Pietera  – Make your business sustainable and resilient with SAP

Head of SAP Customer Experience Solutions and ARIBA, Westernacher Consulting

Marcin Sztafrowski_BN_No background

Senior Business Consultant SAP ARIBA, Westernacher Consulting

At a glance

May 31, 2022

40 minutes




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