SAP Sales Cloud capability.

SAP Sales Cloud capability to handle a specific type of opportunity.

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Published on September 18, 2019 – Damian Rutkowski, Senior SAP CRM Consultant at Westernacher
Opportunity Management is a part of Customer Relationship Management that enables you to control your sales process. An opportunity is a recognized possibility for an enterprise for the sale of products or services.
In my example, I will demonstrate how a survey in SAP Sales Cloud can be used to involve Sales Managers in the opportunity process.
The process:
Sales Representative


A Sales Representative is working on an opportunity where, from his point of view, support from Sales Management is required.
While in the opportunity, he fills out the mandatory “Qualification Survey”, ticks the “Sales Manager Support Request” checkbox, and saves the object. The “Qualification Survey” contains point-valued questions, which after calculation determine whether this opportunity qualifies for management support. The “Sales Manager Support Request” checkbox has an email workflow configured, where:
IF “checkbox” is checked AND after “save”, an email notification is sent to the manager.
Sales Manager
The Sales Manager receives an email notification: “There is an opportunity in SAP Sales Cloud that requires Sales Manager involvement.”
She opens SAP Sales Cloud, finds the opportunity and checks the point score of the “Qualification Survey”.
If the point score is satisfactory, she assigns herself to “Involved Parties” as a Sales Manager, which indicates that she will be involved in this opportunity.
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